A road with difficulties or how Mitko found his family

November 13 2023

Mitko’s story begins like many other children deprived of parental care. The beginning is difficult because his own mother does not want to take care of him, and directly from the maternity ward, the boy falls into the home of a foster family.

With his foster parents, the boy finds love, support and a good environment for development. The family environment of love and attention stimulates Mitko and he grows up smiling, happy and calm. The next step is also for the child to find his adoptive parents.

After a year and a few months with his foster parents and being put on the adoption register, his mum and dad are due to appear very soon. They don’t live in the same place as Mitko, but they do their best to see him as often as possible even though they are far away. The matching with live and online meetings is going great and the family can’t wait to get together.

This fall, Mitko was adopted by his new family, who love him and are happy to care for him. At the request of the adoptive parents, the foster family also continues to support Mitko and the whole family by helping them get used to each other, guiding them in their care and passing on their knowledge of the child.

The story is told by Diana Rinkova, senior social worker at For Our Children Foundation.

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