Bringing mom and dad together or the story of little Petko

January 23 2024

The birth of little Petko is an anticipated event for his parents and their families. However, his mother is a minor, and for this reason the Child Protection department issues a mandatory referral for them to use social services.

As soon as the child is born, the father recognizes him and the three start to live together in the father’s house. For a while, everyone is happy to welcome the new life, but not before long, problems begin. When the parents of the young family initially meet, tension appears, which only increases with the appearance of the child. The mother is also increasingly affected when the father shows no initiative to look after the child and spends a lot of time outside with friends. After another scandal on this topic, she takes the child and goes to her parents.

At that time, the first meeting of the underage mother with the team of For Our Childre Foundation takes place. She and the father were not married and were already separated at that time, while the child was a month and a half old. In meetings with the mother, a specialist from the realizes that she still has feelings for the father and would return to him, but is deterred by her parents’ negative opinion of him.

In a separate meeting with the father it becomes clear that he is already very attached to the child and wants to look after him even if the mother gives up. The young man also admits that he still has feelings for the mother.

Thus begins a series of separate meetings of a specialist from the foundation with the mother and father. The parents don’t want to see each other and talk through the specialist. This goes on for several months, until an arrangement is reached for a meeting between the two on neutral territory – in the foundation’s complex in Plovdiv. Gradually, the young parents begin to make arrangements in different places in Plovdiv and rebuild their relationship.

The grandparents are also an important element of their reconciliation. Despite misunderstandings between them, after several conversations with the specialist from the foundation, they accept that it is in the interest of their grandson that their children  reconcile and that he grows up in an environment with both of his parents. Thus, over time, the two sides reconcile and the mother and father start living together again.

Things are getting back to normal and the foundation’s work on the case seems to be coming to an end when a natural disaster strikes. The young family’s house floods and they have to leave everything behind and run with only the clothes on their backs. There are dozens affected by the flood and the For Our Children Foundation team is mobilized to help by organizing a fundraising campaign. The campaign was successful and thanks to it, 10 families, including Petko’s parents, received essential supplies for their children – beds, mattresses, blankets, pillows, clothes, etc. And so, despite the new difficulty, the child is once again in a safe environment and has everything he needs.

Today, Petko is growing and developing normally with mom and dad. In order for him to live in the best conditions possible the foundation became a bridge between his parents, through which they found a way back to each other. Our team was with them during the unfortunate flood and supported them with material assistance so they could focus on taking the best care of their child.

The story is told by Margarita Cherneva, “Social and integrated services” expert at the Complex for early childhood development of the “For Our Children” foundation in Plovdiv.

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