Ellie’s adoption journey

August 21 2023

Ellie’s biological mother was a drug addict, diagnosed with AIDS, and her father is unknown. The little girl was not yet a year old when the mother passed away and the care was taken over by her grandmother – a 67-year-old woman with an undiagnosed at the time mental illness.

In the beginning, everything starts off normally, but soon the grandmother’s problem deepens and her care becomes too chaotic – at times obsessive, at other times absent. As a result, little Ellie is neglected and begins to fall behind in her development. The girl was 2 and a half years old when after the diagnosis of the grandmother’s mental illness, she was taken out of her home and placed in a foster family in the same city. Her stay in this family is very short – due to the grandmother’s constant unregulated attempts to intervene and disturb the fragile peace established for Ellie in the foster family, she is moved to a family in another region. Thus, the girl – neglected, malnourished and very stressed – ends up in one of the families For Our Children Foundation works with. 

Numerous difficulties accompany Ellie’s first months in her new foster family – adaptation, doctors, rehabilitators, a committee of specialists and more. But in addition to this, she also has a lot of fun – vacations, walks, holidays. 

The care, attention and love of the foster parents do a miraculous work. Soon the foster parents, supported by Diana – the social worker from our Foster Care Center, manage to transform a scared, unsecure kid into a 4-year-old, neat, opinionated, chatty, radiant girl.  

Soon after Ellie’s registration in the adoption register, the first prospective adopters appear. The foster parents’ and Diana’s hearts are bent in anticipation of whether they will like each other, whether Ellie will find her permanent family. Their wish comes true – Ellie is adopted!  

While recovering from the separation, the foster parents live in the hope that the little girl will be calm and happy with her new family, and they will continue with renewed strength to give their love and care to the next child who needs them. 

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