How Betty started kindergarten confidently

December 21 2023

We met little Betty when she was a baby, and today she is already 3 years old and growing happily with her family in the care of her parents and grandparents. Her father works during the week and her mother on weekends so they can look after her and her two older sisters.

The family lives in council housing, which is clean and tidy, but alas damp and mould are also permanent residents. As a result, Betty often falls ill and has to take medication.

After discussions with Betty’s parents, a social worker from For Our Children Foundation assessed that the family needed several types of support. For one, we enrolled them in our material support program with a monthly package of supplies – diapers, baby cosmetics, clothes and toys, and prescription medications. On the other hand, at her request, a mother was fitted with a gynaecological IUD, as it would be prohibitive for the family to care for another child.

Starting kindergarten is an important and desired event in many families, but in Betty’s it is even more so. Many things depend on her admission to kindergarten for all her relatives – if she is successfully admitted, her mother could work more hours and so the whole family could have a better standard of living. With the close support of a specialist from the Foundation at every step of the process, Betty was registered with the nursery system and parents were guided and supported in applying for suitable nurseries. To the delight of the parents and the Foundation’s team, the child was successfully placed and enrolled in the family’s preferred nursery school.

Thanks to Betty’s successful nursery enrolment, her mother has started a higher paid job and so the whole family are enjoying better financial opportunities and Betty is making friends and developing amongst her peers at the nursery.

The story is told by Preslava Staykova, a social worker at For Our Children Foundation.

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