How help at the right time saved a family

January 22 2024

Desislava and Martin have been together for seven years. Their lives have never been easy – actually exactly their sahred struggles is what brought them together.

Difficulties continue to be part of their lives together, but they love each other and things go rather smoothly. Everything is going well until Martin falls ill and can no longer do hard physical work. The whole burden of supporting the family falls on Desislava and times of lack follow It was during this difficult period that she realized she was pregnant. Martin is very happy when he hears the news, but at the same time very scared because this is not a good time for them to become parents. After much thought, they decide together that they will not be able to care for the child, and once it is born they will abandon it so it can get a better chance in life.

This is how Boris is born and charms his parents at first sight. They love him instantly, but feel that if they keep him with them, they will put him on a path of poverty and misery. At that moment, the medical staff at the hospital thought of For Our Children Foundation and alerted our specialists about the case.

Social workers from the foundation responded immediately and went straight to the hospital to talk to the parents and reassure them that if they kept their child, they would get support. The specialists talked about all the ways in which they will be there for the young family, and it turned out taht this was enough to give Desislava and Martin strength and hope that they will cope with their new role.

The parents are happy that they will be supported in raising their child and are relieved to make the decision for their son to grow up with them. The foundation provided them with a newborn kit that includes everything needed to care for a baby at home. In addition, they were supported with advice and trainings on how to take the best care of their child, as well as with clothes and accessories for Boris.

With each subsequent meeting, the parents are more and more confident and now take care of their son with joy and without worry. Thus, another child remained in his family and enjoys love and care from his mom and dad.

The story was told by Mariela Ilevska, a social worker at the “For Our Children” foundation.

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