Supporting the parents for a better care for the children

January 22 2024

One of the goals of For Our Children Foundation is to support parents to take better care of their children. This year we had the opportunity to do so by holding two short-term trainings aimed at parents in a kindergartens in the capital.

The invitation for the training came from the director of the children’s facility and the specialists from our foundation responded. The main goal of the director was to ensure a strong relationship and a level of security and awareness with the first most important people in the child’s life – the family. With the clear idea that parents and teachers are the most important and essential figures in the early stages of children’s lives, she decided to lend a hand to parents and provide extra care. The idea is aimed directly at them, but it inevitably turns into caring for children as well. The director and the specialists in the garden strongly believe that for the well-being of children and their development, it is important for specialists and parents to be partners – to be one team, to interact and support each other, to go at the same pace.

That’s how the idea of holding a training on the topic “Trust – the bridge to partnership” came about. The main priorities of the training were aimed at strengthening the relationship of trust between parents and specialists, as well as to lay the foundations of a dialogue, building common goals and finding poins of contact that would contribute to the launch of new joint activities.

The second training covered the topic “The challenges of first grade” and aimed to inform and prepare parents of children from preschool groups. In the dialogue between the specialists from For Our Children Foundation and the participants, parents were able to find answers to a number of questions related to their worries and expectations about the “school” adventure. Parents received advice on how to assist children’s adaptation and what their role is in this process.

During both trainings, the kindergarten director provided additional staff to care for the children outside of working hours while their parents participated in the trainings. With children in mind, the quality of work and the creation of something of value, conventions cease to be obstacles and become challenges that develop and stimulate. The implementation of these trainings is an example that where there is a will, there is a way.

We are glad that we had the opportunity to support parents and give them courage and guidance on how to take even better care of their children. Moreover, working with a professional like the kindergarten director, who takes her position with all her heart and for whom the profession is a calling, was very inspiring.

The story was told by Rositsa Kairyakova, a psychologist at the “For Our Children” foundation.
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