The power to forgive for the sake of the family

January 23 2024

At times, when you are young, life seems easy, and everything is almost like a joke. This is how the relationship between Gergana and Damyan starts. He is of age, but she is not yet. Their relationship progresses quickly and with Gergana’s parents’ consent, they move in together into the house where Damyan grew up. 

From their turbulent relationship, a child is born – Desislava, everything seems to be going well. Both Gergana and Damyan’s parents take part in the care of the child. However, at some point, the relationship between the young couple begins to exacerbate. Gergana finds out that Damyan has a relationship with another woman which is an extreme shock for her. She decides that the final step is to pack her bags and together with the child leave Damyan’s house and town and return to her parents. Her parents accept her and the child and begin to live together, with their care and support.  

Gergana ceases all communication with Damyan. He no longer hides his new relationship and stops being interested in Gergana and their child. The young mother continues to live with her parents who help her take care of Desislava, but she accumulates anger towards Damyan and the people around her. She takes care of her child, but she doesn’t think she’ll ever be able to trust anyone again. The relationship between the two parents seems to be forever broken.  

At this point, the Early Childhood Development Complex of For Our Children Foundation in Plovdiv receives a signal about the underage mother and the situation in which the family is in. A specialist working in the foundation starts work on the case immediately. At first, the girl’s family does not trust the social worker, but he quickly earns their trust. After several home visits to the mother in her parent’s house, as well as visits to Damyan in his place, the social worker understands the situation clearly and already has a plan for the next steps that need to be made. The specialist is determined to work hard and support the reunion of the young parents.  

A series of meetings between Gergana and the social worker begin as well as separate meetings between the specialist and Damyan. The impact is there and after several months of conversations, advice, and meetings, the two rethink their behaviour and come together. Damyan realizes that what he has done has broken up his family and Gergana decides that she still loves him and for the sake of their child, she gives him a second chance. 

The social worker is also delighted that he managed to help two people get together and as a result, their child will have two parents. Thus, the work on the case comes to an end as the relationship between the young couple is harmonious, based on trust, respect, and understanding.  

 The story was told by Sibila Slavcheva, specialist in social service in the Early Childhood Development Complex of For Our Children Foundation in Plovdiv. 

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