To move on for the sake of your child

January 23 2024

Sometimes, even when things seem great, they aren’t like that in reality. Nadia’s story is exactly like that – she thinks she has met the love of her life, but unfortunately things don’t go well. Any woman can find herself in a similar situation, no one is immune from such a fate. The most important thing is that one finds encouragement and support and moves forward.

Nadia meets Dimitar by chance and they like each other at first sight. Sparks fly quickly, their love ignites and not before long they start living together. For Nadia, this is the first strong love and she thinks it will be the last. From this strong and all-consuming love, the little Vyara is born. Nadia thinks that her life has gone in a good direction and nothing bad will happen. Everything seems like a nice fairy tale, but it quickly ends and everything turns upside down.

Dark thoughts enter Dimitar’s head and he begins to abuse alcohol. He stops going to work and becomes jealous of his beautiful partner. Systematic mental and physical harassment follow. At first, Nadia thinks that this is all a period and will pass quickly, but unfortunately it is not. Scandals become constant, their life together becomes a nightmare. Little Vyara is a constant witness of her father’s violence towards her mother. Little by little, Naida begins to realize that this is not a normal relationship between a man and a woman, and the thought of leaving Dimitar with her daughter begins to settle in.

After another scandal, the mother makes the decision. She breaks off all relations with Dimitar, gets her luggage and that of the child and leaves for her parents’ home. They welcome her and their granddaughter with open arms and promise that they will never leave them alone, take care of them and protect them.

Dimitar repeatedly threatens Nadia and her parents that he will do something bad to them. They set in motion the process of issuing a restraining order so that Dimitar cannot approach and bother them. After some time, Nadia learns from common acquaintances that Dimitar had married another woman. Her feelings are mixed, but she knows what is most important – that she and the child are safe.

Nadia learns about For Our Children Foundation from her relative, whom the foundation helped in a difficult period. He decides to contact us to help overcome the trauma of the abuse and to get support on their road to recovery. Nadia and the social worker’s first meetings are timid. The specialist tries to build trust between but the woamn is still confused and scared. With each following meeting, things get easier. The mother and child begin to calm down and feel better. Nadia begins to relax and in addition to sharing thoughts and feelings, she also begins to ask for advice on what to do.

Nadya and Vyara managed to escape from the violence unharmed in time and had the courage to turn to relatives and to us for help, refuge and support. The specialist from the For Our Children Foundation continued to work with the mother and child, giving advice and guidance on caring for the little one, helping them make decisions and supporting them until things were completely normalized.

The story was told by Mariela Ilevska, a social worker from the Complex for early child development of For Our Children Foundation in Plovdiv.

*Photo for illustration purposes only.

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