Together we can do more or the story of our Tom Sawyer

July 26 2023

At For Our Children Foundation every child can get the support it needs in one place. Together, our specialists from different teams work hard to help in the best way possible and make children’s dreams come true. 

On one warm November day a request arrived at our Day Care Center from colleagues from the foundation’s Foster Care Center for a child aged 1 year and 6 months. The little one was removed from his biological family and placed with a foster family. The removal took place because of his bad general condition, a clear result of neglect, which prompted the quick intervention of our colleagues. They responded immediately in order to provide an all rounded environment for the child’s development with foster parents with the support of other specialists. The child had a serious condition and urgently needed motor rehabilitation, as there was a delay in his development. He received this support in our Day Care Centre. 

Our rehabilitator Keti Lazarova contacted the foster family and the work started immediately. This was the beginning of the adventures of our little Tom Sawyer. 

At first unsure, angry and with a dose of suspicion, the little adventurer struggled to keep his balance, coordinate his movements and learn to sit. Day after day, the curiosity in his big hazel eyes grew, his muscles became stronger and he became more and more confident in his movements. 

After a week our Tom Sawyer could already sit and clearly showed how much he wants to learn to be stable, walk and chase the wind. By carefully applying specialized techniques, tailored to the child’s development and psyche and adapted to his specific condition, he became more and more confident every day and achieved success after success. There is still a long way to go, but this doesn’t scare the team of our Day Center – the work continues, because the spark in children’s eyes is the most important thing. 

Our Tom is still one of the children for who For Our Children Foundation strives to create a better future. His life didn’t start like in a fairy tale, but our colleagues from the Foster Care Center and the Day Care Center continue to work hard so that the little one can confidently embark on the adventure called “Life”. 

The story is told by Keti Lazarova, Rehabilitator and Early Childhood Intervention Specialist at the Day Center of For Our Children Foundation. 

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