Vladko’s surprise appearance

February 12 2024

The reports we receive at For Our Children Foundation about underage mothers who intend to abandon the newborn are not rare. Stories like this one, however, are an exception.

After receiving an emergency signal from a maternity ward about such a case, a specialist from the foundation arrives at the hospital and gets to know the young mother and her relatives. According to the girl, she was in a relationship during the period when the child was conceived, but she did not know she was pregnant until the birth. Her monthly cycle was irregular, but she didn’t pay much attention to that. Until one night she got severe pain in the abdominal area and went to the bathroom with the intention of heating her waist to relieve the pain. Instead, however, in absolute shock and all by herself, she gave birth to the little Vladko, who fortunately is perfectly healthy.

For the baby’s grandmother the situation was also deeply shocking – in the middle of the night, she was called by her daughter to the bathroom, where she found her covered in blood with a baby in her arms. The grandmother called an ambulance and that’s how they ended up in the hospital ward. The mother is considering abandoning the child so that she can continue her education. The social worker from our team cousulted the mother and family, assuring them that they will receive the support needed to keep little Vladko. After that they had one day to decide on which of the two paths to continue. This time is of utmost importance for the girl herself and her family to come to terms with what has happened, shake off the shock and be in a condition to make an informed decision.

The next day, specialists from our team go to the maternity ward again, and the mother and grandmother greet them saying that together they have made a decision to keep the child. After the shock of Vladko’s surprise appearance, the whole family came together and is ready to meet the child’s needs – the grandfather and grandmother bought the supplies for raising the little one, and the mother’s brothers and sisters offered their help to look after the child so that she can continue going to school.

The foundation supported the young mother with material and psychological help. Not before long, she and her family started to feel confident enough to continue taking care of the child on their own. With the help of her whole family, till this day the mother continues to go to school and raises her child with a lot of love and attention.

Situations like this are high-risk for both the underage mother herself and the baby. Since she was in denial the whole time, her pregnancy was not supervised by a doctor and the birth itself happened in a very shocking and dangerous way for herself and the baby. In case of complications, the reaction would have been delayed, which is a health risk for both. In order to avoid such situations, it is necessary, on the one hand, for young girls to be sexually literate and, on the other hand, for parents and children to have a relationship of trust that allows for communication and cooperation in such situations.

The story was told by Vanya Tsvetanova, social worker at For Our Children Foundation.

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