Christmas is a time when miracles happen and with your help we will prove it for the 11th time!

We invite you to participate involved in our traditional campaign "This Christmas you make miracles happen!", by choosing one of the four mechanisms or creating your own initiative. This way you will help hundreds of children for whom Christmas is just another day on the calendar. For 31 years we have been helping the most vulnerable children and their families – children left without parental care, children with developmental difficulties and children at risk of abandonment. We manage to be there for them because you are there for us!

Join the campaign by contacting us at charity@detebg.org or tel. 0882515527.

Christmas challenges

Organize a fun Christmas initiative in your office and use it as a method to raise funds for vulnerable children and families for whom Christmas is just another day on the calendar.

Auction unnecessary items
The taste of Christmas
Christmas Quiz
Christmas Talent Show
Christmas cinema at the office
Throwback Christmas
Christmas in the last hour

Invite thr colleagues to take out items they no longer use and prepare them for a new life! With the items collected, organize an auction where everyone on the team can bid on someone else’s items. There is for sure a colleague who needs another set of mittens or a good book for the cold winter days. The amount money gathered for the sold items will be your contribution to our cause.


The festive meals brings us together and tempt us with the aroma of apples and the smell of cinnamon. Prepare various culinary delights and welcome Christmas in your office by having a meal togther. Organize a charity lunch, gather at a table prepared by the whole team, share your excitement about the upcoming holidays – all in the name of a good cause!

Set up a donation box and ask everyone who tastes the food to leave an amount of their choice to support For Our Children Foundation.


Do you like quizzes? If the answer to is yes, we have an idea – organize a fun Christmas quiz in the office! Invite anyone to participate in the quiz by donating to the cause. Form teams, distribute the questions and set a time to solve them. Have fun, guess the answers and let the team with the most correct answers win! Provide a prize for the winners and consolation prizes for the others

In your hectic work schedule, have you had the opportunity to get to know your colleagues? Set aside a festive afternoon for everyone to enjoy each other’s hidden talents. Organize a holiday karaoke in the office or a comedy afternoon, even why not a classic talent show where everyone can participate in whatever they choose? Christmas cheer tied to supporting a cause is sure to inspire your coworkers to bring their guitars into the office, sing a song, or surprise everyone with their athletic skills. Praise the talent of your colleagues by donating for their performances in a special box or jar.

We are sure that in the office you have a projector and a wall on which you present important presentations. Did you know that it can also become a wonderful cinema screen? Choose a fun Christmas movie and organize an afternoon cinema with the colleagues. Ask them to pay the price of a standard ticket to support children who have never been to the cinema.

The first meeting with Santa Claus, the first New Year celebration – no matter how much time has passed, we all keep the memory of these moments in old photo albums. Organize a fun game in the office by asking your colleagues to bring pictures from kindergarten or even the nursery where they met the white-bearded old man. Shuffle them and guess which of the colleagues is in the picture. Remembering the good old times, donate an amount of your choice and make the future of Bulgarian children at risk brighter.

The last working hour on the last working day before Christmas is filled with excitement about the upcoming holidays. As a sign of support for children who won’t have a chance to celebrate Christmas with their family, ask your colleagues to donate their pay for the last hour of work before the holidays. Prepare certificates for everyone who joins.

Products with a cause:

This Christmas, we are bringing together socially responsible businesses who, together with their customers, will support our efforts to provide a chance for development and a happy childhood for children at an early age. Each participant in the campaign - restaurant or store - will donate a portion of their profit in December by deducting an amount from a selected product. Check out where and what you can shop with a cause:

café LAVÉ

10% of all hot beverages

Christmas cards

Greet your loved ones, friends, employees or business partners for the holidays by supporting our cause. The cards were painted by the Bulgarian artist Nanda Mentesheva and can only be purchased from For Our Children Foundation.

All cards are A6 size. The value of 1 card is BGN 3. To buy cards you need to contact us at charity@detebg.org, give us the number or name of the card you like and the amount you want to receive.

100% of the sales of the cards is invested in the cause of For Our Children foundation.

  1. Winter scenery
  2. Window
  3. Cozy home

Choose to donate a portion of your budget for gifts

For Our Children Foundation offers free access to a psychologist, rehabilitator, speech therapist, music therapist and a number of other specialists in the field of early childhood development, thanks to the support of our partners and donors. Choose this year to donate a part of your budget for gifts for employees, partners or friends to support children who do not know what it is like to receive a gift for Christmas.

You can also make a personal donation at https://detebg.org/en/donations/ or contact us at charity@detebg.org if you would like to make a bigger donation.

For each person on whose behalf you to donate, we will issue a beautiful gift card. The cards are personalised - with your logo and message and with the option to manually write the recipient's name. With the gift card, everyone will know that a good deed has been done in their name.


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