Community Support Center „For Children and Parents“ Plovdiv

About the center

The Center for Public Support “For Children and Parents” in Plovdiv provides quality care for children in early childhood since 2009. At CPC “For Children and Parents” we support children with developmental difficulties, prevent the separation of children from their biological families, work actively with children left without parental care or placed in a foster family and help parents in difficult social situations.

The services provided in the CPC are mainly focused on prevention work in at-risk communities, work with the child and his family, as well as active work in partnership with health services, schools and the community, as part of the integrated approach.

Who do we help?

The center works with various vulnerable groups, focusing on young children and their parents:

✓ children with developmental difficulties;

✓ children at risk of abandonment;

✓ children entrusted to public care;

✓ children in foster and adoptive families;

✓ children who have experienced domestic violence;

✓ children at risk of dropping out of school and with learning difficulties;

✓ children from families with difficult social status, as well as pregnant girls.

We also work with parents of children with disabilities, parents in conflict in separation, parents with addictions and parents with no or low parental capacity. The services of CPC “For children and parents” can be used by residents of other municipalities in the area, with which we have an established partnership.

How do we help?

The center offers a wide range of social and integrated services and activities to help children and families at risk so that children do not end up in an institution, to avoid the risk of health problems and developmental delays. We have created conditions for consultation, information, support, diagnosis, therapy and assistance, effective protection and social integration of the users of the Center. Our activities aim to support early childhood development, social inclusion and respect for children’s rights. We achieve our mission by actively working towards the prevention of child abandonment, prevention of violence against them and their dropping out of school.

We are actively involved in the process of deinstitutionalization by creating skills for independent living in children and contributing to their reintegration into the family environment. We provide an opportunity for psychological counseling of children and families at risk; mediation in cases of parental alienation and conflict in case of divorce / separation; counseling and support of children with behavioral problems, etc.

We organize socializing activities, including those that develop children’s creativity and help build their social skills.

In partnership with MHAT “Plovdiv” CSC “For children and parents” regularly organizes a school for young parents, which is held online and enjoys great interest among parents.

An important part of our work is the training of future foster parents and adoptive parents.

Our specialists

The Community Support Center “For Children and Parents” Plovdiv employs various specialists who conduct individual and group sessions tailored to the needs of children and their families. The multidisciplinary team includes social workers, Early Childhood Development and Early Childhood Intervention specialists, a psychologist, a speech therapist, a physiotherapist, and a rehabilitator. We work together to provide the comprehensive support that children and parents need.

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The team of Center "For children and parents", Plovdiv

Maria Madarova

Administrative manager

Elena Panayotova

Administrative Secretary

Stella Alexandrova

Manager Social and integrated services

Tsvetelina Ganeva

Chief Expert Early Child Development

Maria Urilska

Expert social and integrated services

Sibila Slavcheva

Social Worker

Polina Tonova


Margarita Cherneva

Social Worker

Maya Cholakova

Intersectoral Services Coordinator

Tanya Ivanova

Speech therapist

Peter Kozhuharov


Stoyan Nikolov


Mariana Rancheva

Early Childhood Development Specialist

Atanaska Toneva

Social Worker

new address: Plovdiv, 11 Dimitar Tsonchev Str