Community Support Center „Happy Childhood“

For the Center

The Happy Childhood Support Center was established in August 2020 as a result of the need to expand the services provided by the For Our Children Foundation and to achieve a higher therapeutic level in working with children and families. The activities of the employees of the center are focused on providing comprehensive support for children and families who visit it, as well as on providing integrated and highly expert services.

Who are we helping?

The center works with children from 0 to 7 years and their families with a focus on:

✓ Children who need specialized activities to stimulate their development due to disability, prematurity, disease, developmental delay. In the process of working with children, we also include their parents;

✓ Children at an early age with learning difficulties and their families;

✓ Children of parents who are in conflict or separated;

✓Children raised outside their family – with relatives, in foster care, in residential services;

✓ Candidate adoptive parents;

✓ Adopted children and their adoptive families;

At Happy Childhood Center we work and support professionals from the health, social and educational systems, who also work with young children.

How do we help?

The Center offers a wide range of innovative and integrated social services aimed at young children and their families. This provides an opportunity to develop activities such as information and consulting, support for future and current parents, psychological and family consulting, speech therapy and rehabilitation activities, group activities for children with disabilities and more.

In addition to direct work with children and families, we provide an opportunity to include specialists from the social, health and educational systems in group training, supervision and support groups in order to improve the quality of work with children from 0 to 7 years. in a different context.

Our Specialists

The Happy Childhood Support Center consists of psychologists, a family therapist, a social service specialist, a special pedagogue, a rehabilitator and a speech therapist. Expert support in early childhood has a positive effect on the overall development of the child and the formation of his personality.

At Happy Childhood Center, our specialists:

✓ provide family, psychological, pedagogical and health consulting in order to support children and their families.

✓ conduct trainings aimed at future and current parents and adoptive parents. They provide continuous support and consulting to all participants in the adoption process – from the initial training of prospective adoptive parents to support in the period of adaptation after adoption.

✓ perform socializing activities aimed at children in medical institutions, as well as at children who are accommodated in residential services.

✓ provide psychological consulting and supervision aimed at health professionals.

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The team of CPC "Happy childhood"

Katerina Kovacheva

Expert Support Team leader

Vyara Panayotova

Senior Social Service Expert

Margarina Halachliyska

Psychologist, family counselor

Niya Lyutakova

Senior Psychologist

Keti Lazarova


Mihaela Arnaudova

Special pedagogue

Gyueshevo 21 Str, Sofia Bulgaria