Community Support Center “St. Sofia”

For the Center

Community Support Center “St. Sofia ”opened its doors in 2010, but its history began 5 years earlier as a Center for work with children at risk in a room in the former Home for medical and social care” St. Sofia ”- the place that in 2020 was transformed into a Complex for Early Childhood Development. Initially, the Center operated with a capacity of 55 cases, but given the increased interest and the need for support for more children and families, only six months later the service capacity increased to 105 cases. In 2019, “St. Sofia ” is growing its scale and capacity and already supports 130 cases per month.

Who are we helping?

✓ Newborns at risk of separation from their parents

✓ Children and disadvantaged families

✓ Children at an early age with learning difficulties

✓ Children with behavioural difficulties and their parents

✓ Adopted children and adoptive families

✓ Families in crisis and difficulties

✓ Parents in conflict during separation

✓ Children placed outside their family

✓ Children about to return to the family environment

✓ Candidate adoptive parents

How are we helping?

The work in the center is aimed at supporting parenthood and the development of the child in early childhood – from pregnancy to school. This is because the first period of childhood (from 0 to 7 years) is a period of great importance for the overall development with an impact on all subsequent stages of life. In this period there are very specific challenges, which require comprehensive services, integrated approach and high professionalism.

✓ Family approach: We believe that the family provides the best environment for raising and educating children. Emphasis on family counseling, training, individual work with parents and work with all family members pays off and reduces the risks of lasting separation or alienation between children and parents.

✓ Field work: Carrying out mobile social work enables a wider range of those in need to be included and to really benefit from the support of the center. Being in their home, children and their parents feel freer and more confident, which contributes to a much better effect of social work.

✓ Trainings: The training activities of the center, as well as the support for better parenting, take place in the form of courses and talks in group, family and individual sessions. The trainings are determined according to the needs of the parents and may be related to the care of the newborn; the role of the father in the baby’s life; early childhood development; healthy nutrition of the child; security and development of the child and the parental role; admission of the child to a nursery, kindergarten, school, etc.

In the work on cases, Community Support Center “St. Sofia “applies” Guidelines for families to achieve safety for children”, developed by the Foundation. The guidelines are recommendations and methods of child care that increase his safety and are approved for implementation by the SACP, MLSP and ASA. They serve to monitor, regulate and improve the effectiveness of care, both by the family and professionals, and by all involved institutions at the local level.

Our Specialists

Every child and family that visits and receives support in the Center works with a key specialist (social worker, psychologist, family consultant, Early Childhood Intervention Specialist, Early Childhood Development Specialist, etc.). If necessary, the key specialist can request the involvement of another colleague in the case of a specific task for working with the child and the family. The work on cases follows the principle of involving a minimum number of professionals so that the key specialist can build a trusting relationship with the family and work for its empowerment. Our specialists attend annual capacity building trainings, participate in seminars and exhibitions related to early childhood development.


Local and national institutions, hospital, nurseries, kindergartens and schools in Sofia.

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New initiative: Adoption group for mutual assistance

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How long are 6 months when you are 4 years old?

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Iveta got the chance to stay at home and develop with the love and care of her parents.

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The team of Community Support Center St. Sofia.

Kiril Kirilov

Head of Early Childhood Development and Therapeutic Services

Raya Tzvetanova

Senior Specialist Early Childhood Intervention

Petya Uzunova

Senior Psychologist Early Childhood Intervention

Petya Yanachkova

Senior family therapist

Gabriela Todorova

Social worker

Ivanka Ivanova

Early Childhood Development specialist

Aleksandra Yanakieva

Early Childhood Development expert

Desistava Stoyanova

Early Childhood Intervention Specialist

Desislava Petkova

Social worker

Semira Dimitrova

Social worker

Gyueshevo 21, Sofia, Bulgaria