Day Care Center for children with disabilities "Development"

For the Center

For Our Children Foundation opened the Day Care Center for Children with Disabilities “Development” in the fall of 2020 as part of the Complex for Early Childhood Development. The capacity of the Center is 20 children, 8 of whom are on a full-time care program.

The Day Care Center consists of:

✓ Living room for play and activities with children visiting the center

✓ Hall for group rehabilitation

✓ Cabinet for individual rehabilitation

✓ Sensory room

✓ Sanitary facilities with changing area and personal hygiene

✓ Rooms for rest and relaxation for children – bedroom for afternoon nap

✓ Dining room for children under the all-day care program

✓ Yard with a specialized playground with access for children with disabilities

Who are we supporting?

The day center supports children from 0 to 7 years with difficulties in their general development and diseases of the central nervous system, who receive care and support for their overall development. Through various developmental and socializing activities, including rehabilitation, speech therapy and psychological support, ergo and art therapy, games, fairy tales, dancing, music and other unforgettable and exciting activities, children overcome the challenges they face in order to participate effectively in the educational process. and be more independent.

Children might be:

✓ coming from family enviroment;

✓ coming from foster care families;

✓ coming for residential services or specialized institutions.

The activities of the Day Center also cover the parents of the children who visit it – they work with them to continue the development activities and transfer the efforts that their children make at home to have a complete and full effect of the joint work.

How do we help?

Day Center “Development” specializes in providing 4 types of programs aimed at young children and their parents, guardians, relatives or loved ones.

The programs specialize in basic and developmental for full-time or half-day care for children from 3 to 7 years of age, as well as hourly care for children from 0 to 7 years, depending on their specific needs. For the children in the programs for half-day and all-day care there is provided food, and for the latter there is also time for rest (sleep) on the territory of the Center.

The program for working with parents of children with disabilities is part of the services for consultations and additional support. It includes professional consultations by a multidisciplinary team for parents / in specific cases relatives or friends / of children with disabilities, according to their specific needs. Parents have the opportunity to participate in social activities, a self-help group and art therapies. The program is aimed at building a receptive attitude towards the child with disabilities in the family and to the formation of knowledge and skills with which the family can provide appropriate support.

How can you use the services of the Day Care Center?

The use of the services in the Development Day Center is possible by referral with a referral for the use of a social service, issued by the Social Assistance Directorate, Child Protection Department at the place of residence of the family.

Our Specialists

The wide range of specialists available to the Day Center – social assistants, special pedagogue, rehabilitator, speech therapist, nurse, social service specialist – provide the comprehensive support that children and parents need to overcome social isolation and lead a full-fledged life. Our specialists have a well-equipped and friendly base with a variety of developmental toys and equipment that predispose children to feel free in their games and to develop their motor skills and imagination.

The specialists carry out joint activities between children and parents in order to create relationships of trust, affection and knowledge of the needs of children. They achieve these goals by organizing common play activities and learning formats in which parents work on joint tasks with their children.

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The team of the Day Care Center

Aksinia Georgieva

Head of the Day Care Center

Hristina Hristova

Social services specialist

Mihaela Arnaudova

Special pedagogue

Keti Lazarova


Yovka Petrova

Social assistant

Ana Maria Petkova

Social assistant

Vesela Kyurkchieva


Anna Petkova

Speech therapist

Antonia Ganeva

Social assistant

Serdika quarter, 21 Gueshevo str. Sofia, Bulgaria, 1303