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REPORT BULGARIA GROWS WITH ITS CHILDREN: Building Professional Competences of the Early Childhood Workforce
Summary: Building and developing professional competencies of those working with children at an early age: Bulgaria grows with its children
Summary Report Bulgaria Grows with its children
Summary Report Bulgaria Grows with its children
Materials for working with children and parents under the Guidelines for a safe family environment
Guide to guidelines for a safe family environment
Children in Focus on Judicial Reform - Final Report
Assessment of the management and development of services for children and families provided by the For Our Children Foundation
Guidelines for a safe family environment
Resources, opportunities and challenges for the development of integrated support services in Plovdiv district
Global scale for early childhood development
Unified methodology for examining the best interests of the child
Legislative framework for early childhood development in Bulgaria: opportunities and challenges
Early childhood intervention in Bulgaria: a chance for the development of every child
Mechanism, tools and methodology for civic monitoring to establish the compliance of the existing practice in kindergartens of different types with the quality requirements, according to the Framework for quality of education and care in early childhood
Basic principles in the financing of skilled labor in the field of early childhood
From small waves to big waves: a widely applicable early childhood development program for young refugee children