Early Childhood Development Complexes

We develop the potential of young children and their families

Early Childhood Development Complex in Sofia and in Plovdiv

We created the Early Childhood Development Complexes in Sofia and Plovdiv to do just that - to pay attention to the first, most important years of every child's life and to support them when it is not too late.

Early Childhood Development

  1. The first 1000 days are the most important period of the human life, in which the architecture of the brain is formed, which largely determines the life of the child as an adult – his/her physical and mental health, his/her ability to learn, earn a living, provide their happiness, contribute to society.
  2. The lack of adequate and complete care in these 1000 days has irreversible consequences and leads to a number of social and economic deficits for the child and for society as a whole!
  3. In our hands is the strength and ability to provide children with a comprehensive, supportive and stimulating environment that will give them the chance to reach their full potential when they grow up. We created the Early Childhood Development Complexes in Sofia and Plovdiv to do just that - to pay attention to the first, most important years of every child's life and to support them when it’s still not too late.


Early Childhood Development Complex in Sofia

We created the Early Childhood Development Complex in Sofia, driven by the desire to provide space for young children and families who need our support. The complex unites 5 centers that work in close cooperation and provide specialized support tailored to the needs of children and parents. These are:

Community Support Center "St. Sofia"
Community Support Center "Happy childhood"
Family-type accommodation center "Children's House"
Foster Care Center
Daycare Center "Development"

Here, in addition to direct work with children with disabilities and difficulties in the development and support of families in vulnerable situations, we organize trainings for prospective adoptive parents, foster families, as well as for prevention of violence, development of parental capacity and more.

The complex carries the spirit of the family, its importance and importance for the growth, development and development of the child as a person and last but not least - the message of a chance for a happy childhood for all children surrounded by support, care and love of the family.

Early Childhood Development Complex in Plovdiv

The complex for early child development is a natural continuation of over 10 years of work of the "For Our Children" foundation in Plovdiv.
Through his Center for public support "For children and parents", since its inception in 2009, the foundation has supported over 2,000 children who today grow up in a secure and developing family environment.

Thanks to the Complex, the children of Plovdiv will have access to professional, integrated and comprehensive support to develop their full potential, and families in difficulty will find people to trust and who will help them improve their parenting skills and to gain the confidence to take the best care of their children.

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