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31 December, 2022 00:00, Current campaign

This year, the “For Our Children” foundation is celebrating 30 years of work in support of the youngest children in Bulgaria, who encounter difficulties in their development or are deprived of parental care. These children are the cause to which we have dedicated ourselves. We believe that by supporting them during their earliest years, we can influence in a positive manner the whole life ahead of them. We are looking for 30 people for whom children are just as important and want to dedicate their celebration it to our goal – development and a happy childhood for the youngest children in Bulgaria. 

How to get involved? 

If you’ve always wanted to change the world, in us you’ve found an organization that will show you where to start. Become one of the first 30 people who support us by dedication their birthday parties to our cause and thus give an impulse to a new tradition in Bulgaria – holiday with a cause. Help us raise funds for young children with developmental difficulties or deprived of parental care – create the social change with us. 

Spare some time before the event to prepare everything. Contact us to get the information and materials you will need. Share in the invitation to your guests about the cause and why you chose it. Use our donation platform, through which your friends can easily donate by typing their name and a keyword you have given them. For the event itself, we will deliver materials and a donation box to an address of your choice and after the event we will collect it. We will issue a certificate with the total amount collected – from the donations received online and those collected in the box.

What will we do with your donation? 

By supporting the “For Our Children” foundation, you are backing one of the oldest organizations in Bulgaria, which has helped over 18,000 children and families in the country during its existence.  

With your donation, we will provide free support for children from qualified speech therapists, rehabilitators, babysitters, psychologists, early childhood development specialists and social workers. 

For parents, we organize trainings, training courses for adoptive parents, support groups for adoptive parents and foster parents, as well as provide psychological support to families who are going through a difficult time. 

Who will help you with the organization? 

Ana–Mihaela Tarneva | ana-m-tarneva@detebg.org or charity@detebg.org, tel. 0882 515 527 


What will we provide?

Donation box

In the package of materials from us, we will include a custom made wooden donation box, in which your guests will be able to leave their support for the cause in form of cash.

Information materials

In order for your guests to know what initiative you are supporting, we will hand you information leaflets with a description of our cause and activities.


As a token of our appreciation, you will also receive a small gift from the foundation for your party.


After you hand over your donation to us, we will also issue a special certificate for you.

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Tsanko Kolovski

"The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why."
- Mark Twain

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