We create families.

For 30 years we have been supporting children at an early age to get the best chance for life and development in a family.

The Reality in Bulgaria

  • 400 000 + children live at risk of poverty and social exclusionchildren live at risk of poverty and social exclusion
  • 2+ kids remain in the care of the state per day
  • 32 000 + children with disabilities in Bulgaria
  • Lack of strategy in Bulgaria for early childhood
София Комплекс за ранно детско развитие
Пловдив Комплекс за ранно детско развитие

The Reality in Bulgaria

  • 400 000 + children live at risk of poverty and social exclusionchildren live at risk of poverty and social exclusion
  • 2+ kids remain in the care of the state per day
  • 32 000 + children with disabilities in Bulgaria
  • Lack of strategy in Bulgaria for early childhood

We are there when children and families need us

For every third child in Bulgaria, life is difficult, and for his family - a challenge. Thousands of children still have no family and live in hospitals, social institutions or temporary accommodation centers.

29 years after our establishment and over 16,000 changed human destinies, we at the For Our Children Foundation continue to be where we are needed - in maternity wards when mothers are vulnerable and insecure in dealing with the care of their children; in foster families who unlock their hearts for orphans; in our centers in Sofia and Plovdiv, where we help children to take their first steps, to say their first words, to overcome their fears and traumas; where their families become calmer and more confident - because they already know that with our support they can be the best parents for their children.

We work for the best interests of children, to grow up in a secure family environment

We believe in the capabilities of the children and families we help and explore their needs. We encourage parents to overcome the challenges facing the child, to provide support and security for them to develop their full potential.

Active social work, psychological support and mobilization of various specialists around each child are our key approaches to help families get out of a situation of vulnerability and cope with the difficulties in their lives.

Our ultimate goal is for the child to live in a safe and secure environment and for the family to receive support to ensure this.

Early Childhood Development Complexes


Early Childhood Development Complex in Sofia

We transformed the building of the former baby’s institution "St. Sofia” to create a special place for young children and their families. The Early Childhood Development Complex unites various centers for work with children and parents, in which they receive comprehensive social, psychological and material support. Here children with disabilities and difficulties discover the new world - the one that is full of opportunities! Learn more

Early Childhood Development Complex in Plovdiv

Our dream for the children and families of Plovdiv is about to come true in a few months. In the building of the former “Rada Kirkovich” Social Institution, the first orphanage in Bulgaria, we will open an Early Childhood Development Complex, where we will support young children and their families to be confident, to live in a safe environment and to unlock their potential. Learn more

Our mission

For Our Children Foundation is a Bulgarian non-governmental organization that has been supporting vulnerable Bulgarian children and their families since 1992. “For Our Children” is the successor of the British human rights organizations “European Children’s Trust”, “Christian Children’s Fund” and “Every Child” .

Here, in our special online space, I hope you will feel the mission of our foundation – to ensure the happiness of children and unlock their potential, to lend a hand to a desperate and vulnerable parent, to be a transparent and reliable partner of a responsible company, to we offer sensible policies to the government and local institutions, to strengthen the social impact and to join forces with the most engaged part of our society, to be successful change makers!


Bulgarian 56 Peaks Challenge

Tony McMurray’s first fundraising challenge in Bulgaria aiming to raise funds for our causes.

Become 1 of 30

This year the For Our Children Foundation turns 30 years old and we want to celebrate together.

A hug for our children

Let’s give hugs together to the children in need!

Our impact

The fight for Katya’s happiness

This story is not about an abandoned child. It's not for a sick child. But it is no less touching. This is the story of Katya - a sensitive girl who at a young age meets face to face with an indescribable tragedy and just falls silent. She stops. She vanishes.

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With our support, little Andrei will once again enjoy his father’s care

happy story from Plovdiv

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The Miracle Thumbelina

She is the little miracle of smiling young parents

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How a foster parent rewrote 6 children’s stories…

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Maggie’s story and the new glasses

Little Maggie, who has been using our services for early childhood development for half a year, is already a toddler who builds towers of cubes and is getting to know the world with increasing interest.

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Motherly love is stronger than anything

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New initiative: Adoption group for mutual assistance

a place for communication, sharing and spontaneous support

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How long are 6 months when you are 4 years old?

Anyone who has cared for a young child knows that 6 months of his life can be an eternity, it can be a moment, or it can be both.

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Another child grows up healthy and loved by mom and dad

Iveta got the chance to stay at home and develop with the love and care of her parents.

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Others about us

Velina Todorova

Member of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child since 2016.

"I know the resilience of the foundation and the team, which continues to support children and their families very successfully. I am always ready to support them, because of the cause that unites us."

Janeta Dzhambazka

Member of the Management Board and Executive Director / Chief Financial Officer of Generali Insurance AD

"I believe that whoever manages to find the balance between the digital world and human attitude will be successful. The future belongs to the brave and innovative people who can gather all the diversity in their hearts. "

Tsvetomir Uzunov

Chief Financial Officer at logistics company "Discordia"

"The strongest distinguishing feature of the foundation is the exceptional commitment of the team to the cause for children. With their endless enthusiasm, creativity and inexhaustible energy, colleagues cope with countless challenges and do not stop doing small miracles to help children and their families every day."

Irena Tsakova

Permitting and Legal Director for Dundee Precious Metals in Bulgaria

"We have been supporting the For Our Children Foundation for 11 years now. As an innovative mining company, whose focus is the sustainable development of people and regions, as well as a better future, we see a perspective in the foundation. Together with the team we realize and support various causes of social significance, we take care of the development of children because they are our bright future. We are proud to be a traditional partner in organizing the largest charity event, the Evening of Virtues.

Radoslav Koshkov

Schneider Electricc Regional Manager for Bulgaria, Albania, Macedonia, and Kosovo

"In recent years, the business in our country has developed and advanced in every way - production and general business practice are becoming more modern and sustainable. That is why the opportunities to invest in local communities are increasingly recognized by companies. About Schneider Electric Foundation "For Our Children provided just that - an opportunity to bring back to the community part of our success, just as as a global investor who has found his home here, we owe a portion of our success to the community."

Lilia Karamancheva

General Manager of Quaiser Pharma

I believe that the business of the future is a socially responsible business. I am happy to be part of a company and team that share the mission of being a philanthropist and donor. We are happy to stand behind the cause of the For Our Children Foundation and we are sure that with common efforts we will be able to help more children grow up in a safe and sustainable family environment. "

Grigoriy Ananiev

Citi Markets Head for Central and Eastern Europe

“We are proud of our partnership with For Our Children Foundation and we are glad that since 2015 we have been able to sustainably improve the lives of the most vulnerable children in Bulgaria. The entire Citibank team is committed to the cause and believes that even with small but significant actions together we can contribute to a positive and real change in the lives of foster children."

Milena Dragijska-Dencheva

Chief Executive Officer of Lidl Bulgaria

"For Our Children Foundation is distinguished by its professionalism in project management and communication with various stakeholders, with a comprehensive view of the matter, with the spirit of seeking new approaches to support the cause, with an exceptional focus on its strategy, with a clearly measurable realization of basic goals, with sustainable results in this clear direction and at the same time with infectious interactivity in a purely human plan. we wish! "

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