About the campaign

On February 24, the lives of millions of Ukrainian children and families turned upside down forever. Some were forced to hide in bunkers, basements and subway stations, while others fled to neighboring countries, leaving their brothers, fathers and grandfathers behind. We know that nothing can bring back lost lives and shattered dreams, but we believe that together we can help children and families in Ukraine.

We are launching a campaign to support children placed with foster families and families of relatives who are currently still in Ukraine and cannot escape the war. With your support and the leadership of the Partnership for Every Child Ukraine, we will be able to provide them with food and clean water, humanitarian support, social and health care.

How are we going to help

♥ We will send immediate financial assistance to P4EC Ukraine‘s team working at the front in order to ensure the care and safety of children and families (foster parents and relatives).

♥ We will provide food, medicine, clean water, sanitary materials and other necessary consumables.

♥ We will assist in the communication between social and humanitarian workers and families with young children by providing them with phones and tablets with prepaid internet access.

Mission Ukraine in Bulgaria

♥ Donate onlinе onwww.detebg.org.Please add “Ukraine” after your name


♥ Donate by bank transfer

IBAN: BG32 RZBB 9155 1060 5337 67 –  BGN

IBAN: BG28 RZBB 9155 1460 5337 09 –  EUR

IBAN: BG38 RZBB 9155 1560 5337 39 –  GBP

IBAN: BG35 RZBB 9155 1160 5337 29 –  USD

Please add “Mission Ukraine”

100% of all donations will be directed to the charity organisation Partnership for Every Child Ukraine and to the program of For Our Children Foundation supporting Ukrainian children and families who have arrived in Bulgaria.


♥ We accept in-kind donations in the forms of mobile phones, tablets, vehicles needed for humanitarian support and transporting children and families in Ukraine. For more information:

Vasilena Naydenova

✉ v.naydenova@detebg.org

📱 +359 887 070 279

Regional Alliance for Ukrainian children

A regional alliance of organisations from Bulgaria (For Our Children Foundation), Moldova (Partnership for Every Child Moldova), Georgia and Ukraine (Partnership for Every Child Ukraine), sharing the common history as being part of the former Every Child, unites in support of children of Ukraine, through the Partnership for Every Child Ukraine. The four organisations signed a support agreement, which ensures the good management of the program and transparency of financial spendings.

For Our Children Foundation is the coordinator of the campaign.

Amanda Griffith, CEO of Family for Every Child, said:

“Children on the move are highly vulnerable to grave infringements upon their human rights. This can include loss of adult care, a lack of shelter or medical attention, and disruption or loss of access to education. The effects of these can last a lifetime, and as a result, a peaceful resolution is vital. Around 100,000 children are in institutional care in the Ukraine. This is one of the highest populations in the world, and it is crucial that measures are taken to ensure their safety. It is crucial that European countries provide a safe haven to those fleeing the war in Ukraine, in a comprehensive scheme which welcomes refugees who need sanctuary.”


War stole their childhood.


Let’s give it back to them.

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