For Our Children and Citibank Bulgaria – sustainable partnership in support of foster care.

For the sixth consecutive year, our long-term partners Citibank Bulgaria have chosen to invest in the Foundation's efforts to ensure the best conditions and support for the development of children deprived of parental care who grow up in foster families. прочети повече

От Диляна Манева
11.08.2021 г.

An early childhood development complex in Sofia will help more than 1,000 children and families a year

The event included a special projection mapping, telling the past and future of the building of the former children's home "St. Sofia"
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От Диляна Манева
28.07.2021 г.

The management of Generali Insurance impressed by the achievements of the “For Our Children” Foundation

Generali Insurance is one of our longest-standing corporate donors прочети повече

От Фондация "За Нашите Деца"
17.06.2021 г.

In 2020, we increased our investment in early childhood development and provided more opportunities for children and their families

This is shown by the data from the annual report of the organization прочети повече

От Фондация "За Нашите Деца"
14.06.2021 г.

We are expanding our support for children with developmental disabilities with complementary and alternative communication

Everyone has the potential to communicate, regardless of the challenges прочети повече

От Фондация "За Нашите Деца"
07.06.2021 г.

Тук ще намерите актуална информация и новини свързани с фондацията.