8 years of support from LR Global Kids Fund for our Children’s Home

key investors in early childhood development

April 28 2021

LR Global Kids Fund was initiated by LR Health & Beauty in 2009.

The fund is based on the collective commitment to various causes dedicated to the company’s children, its employees, business partners and customers.

We are proud that LR Global Kids Fund has supported us for 8 years – 8 years of quality care, happy moments and dreams for every child in our orphanage, separated from their parents, due to violence, specific condition or other reason. This is only possible with the support of dedicated partners with big hearts, such as the LR Global Kids Fund.

The support provided to us in 2021 will be traditionally invested in a cause dear to them – Children’s House and its small occupants. Thanks to her, children will continue to receive individual care, attention and love from our babysitters and our specialized team of social workers.


“We are very happy that LRGKF continues to support the foundation and that we can increase our support this year.

The cause is very close to our hearts. I sincerely thank all the Bulgarian partners of LR for their contribution as sponsors of LRGKF and the foundation respectively.

Personal well-being becomes meaningless if we do not share it with those in need. “

– Ivanina Donno – Executive Director of LR Bulgaria.


Empathy and a deep understanding of investing in early childhood development are needed because we know that their results cannot be seen immediately. LR Global Kids Fund and the Bulgarian headquarters of LR are true visionaries and we are proud to share our vision for development and happy childhood with them.

We are also glad that representatives of LR in Bulgaria are actively involved in the life of the foundation, helping together with us the children and families we work with.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for working together to provide the best care for children who have no other chance of receiving it!

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