Course for prospective adopters: passed successfully!

Another 14 prospective adopters were successfully prepared to become parents in the training conducted by our specialists.

April 26 2021

The course was held entirely online due to the epidemic situation, which made it possible for the children of some of the families (biological or already adopted) to be empathetic and curious about what is being said, as well as to peek through the screens of their parents.

The hosts were Margarita Halachliyska – a psychologist and family counselor, and Gabriela Todorova – a social worker.

Together with the participants in the course for prospective adoptive parents, they went through the topics for which every future adoptive parent must be carefully and well prepared – the secret of adoption, the child’s origin and attitude to his biological parents, the administrative procedure, the dynamics of child development and family relationships.

The consequences of institutional care, adjustment and adaptation of the child in the new family were also part of the many topics discussed.

Desislava Petkova, a social worker, and Magdalena Tsvetkova, a foster mother, whom we support, shared their valuable experience in the social sphere and in foster care.

At the end of the course for prospective adoptive parents, the participants shared that they feel much better prepared to adopt a child and become parents.

Some of their feedback:

“Everything in the course was useful and interesting. I learned what is important to understand when making a phone call, how to build a secure attachment, how to respond to the needs of the child. I learned how important it is to treat biological parents, accept the child’s story, and calmly discuss the topic of adoption. “

– Militsa Micheva, adoptive candidate.


“What I liked most was the comprehensive program, the training of the trainers, the variety of materials on the topics, the films included, the writing of a story about my child, the teaching style, the exchange of opinions and experiences with the group members. I feel more confident. that I am theoretically prepared to care for an adopted child, and adoption gives me the opportunity to “carry” a child into my heart.

– В. К.


It was a pleasure for us to work with future adopters who show such a high awareness, responsibility and commitment to the topic of adoption.

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