Early Childhood Development

The first 1000 days of our birth are extremely important. According to the World Health Organization, "Early childhood is the most important phase of life in human development."

January 18 2001

Early childhood development is key – 80% of the human brain is formed in this period up to 3 years of age. In Bulgaria, over 40% of children live in poverty or at risk of poverty, and 32,000 children are disabled. For those who have developmental difficulties, data is not even collected and we do not know how much they actually are.

Through our Early childhood intervention program, we provide support to children with disabilities or developmental delays, because they deserve to enjoy a full and happy childhood. At the same time, experts lend a hand to their families, who are often lost in a life situation they have not chosen for themselves. Our team, consisting of social workers, psychologists, Early Childhood Intervention specialists, family therapists, speech therapists, psychologists and rehabilitators, applies an individual approach to each child and family and meets their needs with great attention and understanding. Our work makes us that important friend for the whole family, whom they can always count on. We always focus on the strengths of the child and his parents in order to reach their full potential, to be independent and to overcome difficulties.

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