For Our Children Foundation supported healthy nutrition of over 300 vulnerable children with HNF funding

June 28 2022

The third consecutive grant from Herbalife Nutrition Foundation (HNF), provided to For Our Children (Foundation) Foundation in the fall of 2021, supported the proper nutrition of over 340 children at risk covered by the Foundation’s programs and projects. The funding of USD 10,000 ensured the provision of food packages, baby food, diet products and formulas for vulnerable children at an early age for a period of 9 months – from September 1, 2021 to May 31, 2022.

In 2021, HNF has helped more than 216,000 children and their communities worldwide by providing adequate nutrition and nutrition training. The foundation provides millions of dollars in support to 167 orphanages, hospitals, schools and social organizations in more than 59 countries around the world.

HNF assisted For Our Children Foundation in providing daily nutrition for children without parental care, for whom the Foundation takes care in its Children’s House. The primary task after the children enter the house is to overcome the negative effects of malnutrition and neglect on their health. At the Children’s House, For Our Children Foundation provides a balanced diet for children as an integral part of the overall care for their growth and development. Babysitters encourage the creation of habits for proper and healthy nutrition, offer children a variety of healthy foods (fruits, vegetables, fresh dairy and meat products, whole grains, nuts etc.) and include them in the cooking process.

At the Foundation’s Daycare Center, which is visited by children with disabilities and developmental problems, HNF supports the organization of culinary workshops that develop children’s motor skills, stimulate their interest in different foods and support their interaction in a group.

Through the Foundation’s Community Support Centers in Sofia and Plovdiv, little children and their families receive food packages, children’s and baby food according to the individual needs of the family. In this way, in times of trials that put children’s care at risk, families gain security in facing their children’s daily needs and do not put their health at risk.

Through the HNF grant, the foster families with whom For Our Children Foundation works also receive support with food products that are important to the nutrition of their children in order to ensure the quality nutrition and to support the daily care of children.

“We, the social assistants in the Daycare Center of the Foundation, together with a speech therapist, rehabilitator and special pedagogue, provide comprehensive care for the development of the children who visit our center. The funding from HNF gives us confidence and security in providing the necessary healthy and varied food for the children.” – said Ana Maria Petkova, social assistant at the Daycare Center “Development” of For Our Children Foundation.

Herbalife Nutrition Foundation is among the key partners of For Our Children Foundation. HNF has provided support since 2019 and so far in total more than 700 children have benefitted. The partnership is focused on provision of daily nutrition for vulnerable children in the Children’s House and the Daycare Center of the Foundation, as well as basic key food products for children at risk and their families supported by the Community Support Centers in Sofia and Plovdiv and the Foster Care Center in Sofia.

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