For Our Children Foundation with children’s holidays in Sofia and Plovdiv

The Deputy Mayor of Plovdiv Anesti Timchev - patron of the children's holiday at the University Hospital "Pulmed"

June 01 2021

For Our Children Foundation organizes an unforgettable holiday for the children in the Children’s Ward of Pulmed Hospital in Plovdiv on the International Children’s Day. Special guests of the young patients were Eng. Anesti Timchev, Deputy Mayor “Ecology and Health” of Plovdiv Municipality and patron of the event, the executive director of the organization Dr. Ivanka Shalapatova, the manager of the hospital Dr. Leparova.

A puppet show, lots of balloons and presents were some of the surprises prepared especially for the little patients, who shortly before the celebration turned into fairy-tale characters by an artist who painted their faces.

“Rejoice that you have wonderful children, rejoice that your life has met good people, rejoice that you can give them love, and a hug, and everything else they need. Rejoice that your life meets such wonderful people as Vanya Shalapatova and her team. Such people do not meet every day. The good ideas of the foundation through us must become good ideas of the society. Children should be our main concern. Because life after us depends on what we give them now. Because we have a duty to give them opportunities to develop. Our children will bring into the future what we give them, if we give them love, they will bring love. Be healthy, cheerful, happy! Good luck and good people around you! ”, Eng. Anesti Timchev addressed the children and the parents.

“Happy holiday, dear children! For me, the excitement today is great because I see children embraced by their mothers. Thank you for caring for and loving your children. Without your love, our efforts are in vain, “said Dr. Shalapatova to the children and their parents.

She thanked for the trust of the manager Dr. Leparova and the whole team of Pulmed Hospital. “Together with specialist doctors, we must do everything possible to be close to parents and children in a family crisis.”

Last year alone, 14 children in Plovdiv were not abandoned to the care of the state by their parents, thanks to our partnership with the University Hospital Plovdiv, Maternity Ward “Vesela” at the Hospital “St. Mina ”, AG“ Selena ”and UMHAT“ Pulmed ”. 29 children born with disabilities and developmental difficulties remained in their families, thanks to the support of the foundation’s team to their parents. Over 100 parents attended the organization’s parenting skills courses last year.

“Thank you for your trust. My personal hope is that our partnership, dear friends, and with the cooperation with the municipality, will continue “– Dr. Shalapatova addressed the doctors.

She presented the Children’s Ward at Pulmed Hospital with a drawing that embodies life, happiness and the fact that there are no limits to good when we are together.

“I hope that today will strengthen the partnership between us, for which we have the support of the municipality to give a strong start in the lives of children. We must not allow any child to be abandoned or retarded because of their fragile age, or because of the difficulties of their parents, “said Dr. Dr. Шалапатова.

She thanked the Municipality of Plovdiv for the support for strengthening the cooperation between the health and social systems on behalf of the children.

“Happy holiday children, to you and your parents! Be healthy and happy and never welcome June 1 in the ward again! Happy double holiday – June 1 and the 12th anniversary of the establishment of the team of the Children’s Department. Thank you that with a lot of love and with the support of the Foundation “For Our Children” and other organizations you take care of the rapid recovery of young patients. “– said Dr. Tsvetanka Leparova, manager of the University Hospital” Pulmed “.


Dozens of children, supported by the organization, had fun at the Early Childhood Development Complex in Sofia

Dozens of children, supported by the For Our Children Foundation, had fun on June 1st at the Early Childhood Development Complex in Sofia.

The celebration began with a concert by the young singers from Voice Academy, whose wonderful performances drove away the rain clouds and, albeit briefly, the sun shone on the children’s faces. The children danced, sang and played with their special guests – Princess Elsa and the pirate Jack, and the magical hands of the Hatter artist transformed their faces, as the courtyard of the complex was filled with superheroes and fairies. Delicious Jimmi’s ice cream was provided for the kids, as well as the most delicious waffles, salads and accordion syrup. Each child received a gift toy, which BART kindly donated for the holiday.

“The foundation’s team is infinitely grateful for the trust and attitude of the families to what we do. Today’s holiday is another occasion that reminds us that if childhood is in our hearts and souls, we will not grow old. Happy holiday to young and old! ”, Shared Mariana Taseva, Deputy Executive Director“ Social Activities and Integrated Services ”.


In 2020, the foundation helped 2,307 children, families and professionals. 1617 of them received support in the centers for social services in Sofia and Plovdiv: 27 newborns were saved from abandonment; in 277 families we prevented the risk of separation from the child, we supported 154 children and parents under the Early Childhood Development program, 131 families were supported in a critical situation caused by the pandemic. We supported the socialization of 22 children entrusted to the care of the state, 33 children were provided with love and care in a foster family, 12 children were provided with temporary care and shelter in an orphanage.

930 children, parents and specialists supported the For Our Children Foundation only for the first 4 months of this year.

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