Citibank Bulgaria continues to support For Our Children Foundation

For the 7th consecutive year Citibank Bulgaria invests in the organization's efforts to provide a safe and stable environment for the most vulnerable children

December 19 2022

For the 7th consecutive year, Citibank Bulgaria invests $20,000 in For Our Children Foundation’s efforts to support children placed in foster care so that they have a better chance of development and success in life. In addition, Citi’s support will be directed to the Foundation’s new program to help Ukrainian children and their families who receive social, psychological and material assistance at the Foundation’s centers in Sofia and Plovdiv.

Thanks to the sustainable partnership with Citi, For Our Children Foundation will continue to work with up to 35 children placed in 25 foster families through various socialization activities stimulating their development, as well as providing additional monthly financial support.

With the donated funds, the Foundation will work to increase the capabilities and skills of both foster parents and prospective foster parents through trainings, which are of utmost importance in order for them to have access to experienced specialists in all areas of childhood development – social workers, psychologists, speech therapists, rehabilitators, etc. Various therapies and activities will be implemented for the foster children – speech therapy, rehabilitation, nutritional therapy, sessions with a child psychologist.

“Long-standing partnerships such as the one with Citibank give us more than just financial sustainability and assurance that we will continue to provide the best care for children separated from their parents. They also give us the ability, in crises such as COVID-19 and the war in Ukraine, to respond quickly and in a timely way to help children in need. We are grateful to the entire Citi team for their trust and friendship during these 7 years., said Mrs. Mariana Taseva, Deputy Executive Director of the Foundation.

Over 50 Ukrainian children and their families will have access to support groups, art and music therapy sessions, humanitarian aid, support in finding a pediatrician, kindergarten or school.

“For Citibank and our employees, it has always been a priority to help where we are most needed. In 2023, the focus of our CSR initiatives will continue to be the support for vulnerable children and their families. We are really proud that for more than 7 years we have managed to make a difference and be there for the foster children and parents supported by For Our Children Foundation. Only through united efforts can we achieve sustainable and positive change in Bulgaria,” said Mr. Grigoriy Ananiev, Citi Markets Head for Central Europe.

The Foundation would like to express its gratitude and appreciation to Citibank Bulgaria and its employees for their commitment to the causes of the organization.


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