Foster Care

Foster care is the best temporary solution for children who are separated from their parents!

January 18 2001

Foster care is the best temporary solution for children who are separated from their parents! Nearly 1,000 children are still abandoned each year, and their fate often remains unclear for a long time. Some of them spend months in hospital wards until a foster family is found for them or they are transferred to family-type accommodation centers. We know that there is no better place for a child to live than a safe home, which can be provided by well-prepared, trained and supported foster families.

We believe that the right way to close the doors to institutions for good is to develop an alternative that will ensure that every child separated from his or her family will receive the care and love they need.

We are a pioneer in foster care in Bulgaria and a major partner of Sofia Municipality in the project “Accept me”. We currently support 25 foster families who share their home, love and time with 35 children. Caring for them requires serious preparation of the foster families in order to be able to meet their needs. High professionalism of the specialists who work with them is required – social workers, psychologists, therapists, as well as very good coordination between all institutions – municipality, child protection departments, the team of the foundation, doctors, schools, kindergartens. Foster families are the inconspicuous modern heroes. From the very beginning of their mission, they are ready for the separation from the child – a difficult moment in which human emotions are completely professionally controlled, because a small child will enter from a safe environment to another, namely his forever family!

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