Huawei Bulgaria donated technology and equipment to the new Academy for Social Learning and Development of the For Our Children Foundation

July 08 2022

Huawei Technologies Bulgaria donated laptops, tablets, headphones and audio equipment to the Academy for Social Learning and Development, part of the newly created Complex for Early Childhood Development in Plovdiv. The equipment will be used by the children who visit the foundation’s centers, as well as by specialists for conducting trainings, webinars and virtual meetings with parents and professionals from the health, social and educational spheres from Bulgaria and abroad.

Huawei’s donation is part of the global “1000 Dreams” program established in 2019, which aims to provide digital devices, books and toys to children’s organizations, hospitals and schools. As Huawei’s flagship social responsibility program, 1000 Dreams aims to provide long-term and sustainable support for children and youth in Central and Eastern Europe and promote their development.

“When I first heard about the foundation and learned about their mission, I was amazed by the enthusiasm and energy they put into their work. But what impressed me the most was the fact that dreams come true – for children to find a home and love; for families to find support in times of need, and for parents to see progress in their children’s development. This is an emotional and very responsible job, which, apart from admiration, also needs support,” said the Executive Director of Huawei Technologies Bulgaria, Mr. Terry Li.

“I would like to thank Huawei Technologies Bulgaria for the support they give us, as well as for the energy they put into helping us realize our dream of connecting people and giving a good start in the lives of thousands of vulnerable children in our country. With the equipment that the company has donated, we will have the opportunity to organize online trainings with specialists from all over the world to help us in the care of children with more special needs, as well as to ensure the best development of our little visitors . I believe that our cooperation will be of great benefit, both for the children and for their parents, teachers and relatives, who want their dreams to come true, and that it will continue in the future,” said Ms. Ivanka Shalapatova, Еxecutive Director of the “For Our Children” foundation.

The Academy for Social Learning and Development in the Complex for Early Childhood Development in Plovdiv will be a place where parents and specialists will have access to trainings, with which they will acquire new knowledge and skills for childcare. The Academy will also host creative workshops and play sessions for children, volunteer initiatives with donors and like-minded people of the foundation, meetings with business, the civil sector and local government in order to achieve better coordination and sustainable development.

“With our donation of digital equipment, we hope to make the connection between teachers, specialists, children, friends and parents easier when they do not have the opportunity to see each other in person. Technology can help children’s early childhood development – ​​their specific learning, as well as that of their parents and teachers. Technology is a powerful catalyst for change, bringing people together, making our society more efficient and helping those in need,” added Mr. Li.

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