In 2020, we increased our investment in early childhood development and provided more opportunities for children and their families

This is shown by the data from the annual report of the organization

June 14 2021

Over 2,300 children, families and professionals supported the For Our Children Foundation last year, providing a wider range of services, more opportunities for children and families, higher trust and more investment in early childhood.

This is shown by the data from the report on our activities for 2020.

The past year has presented the organization with many challenges. The pandemic has had a direct impact on both our work with the families we support and our entire work. But 2020 was also a year of new opportunities and dreams come true.

Despite the pandemic limitations, with a lot of hard work, we completed the repairs, created new centers, attracted new professionals and ended the year satisfied that the dream Early Childhood Development Complex in Sofia is already working fully to support the development of children from an early age. In this wonderful and useful place for children and families, children receive all the necessary comprehensive support from an experienced and trained team of specialists – social workers, psychologists, rehabilitators, speech therapists and others.

We have revealed two much-needed new services for the children of Sofia, which provide specialized assistance for children with developmental disabilities and their parents. Already together with the Center for Public Support “St. Sofia ”, the Center for Foster Care and the Children’s House operate the Day Center“ Development ”and the Center for Public Support“ Happy Childhood ”. We have transformed and enriched the programs of our centers to provide the best care for children and families.

Despite high child poverty, isolation, violence, abandonment, despair, rejection and being “invisible” to our society, CHILDREN are here, part of it and have the right and need for a harmonious and positive environment for development, of dreams and a carefree childhood. In order for Bulgaria to have it tomorrow, it is important to have adults engaged in the quality of life of children in our country. We work for that. In our report for last year we present the story, with the facts and the evidence, with the change and with the happiness to give meaning to a child, to lend a hand and guarantee the trust of a desperate parent, to be a transparent partner of a responsible company, to propose wise policies. responsible institutions, to be charged by the successes of other civil society organizations, to be a successful changeling! ”

, shared Dr. Ivanka Shalapatova, Executive Director of the Foundation.

The challenges of 2020 and the extraordinary epidemic situation did not prevent us from holding our traditional Evening of Virtues, which for the first time took place entirely online. The stage of the event moved to the homes of nearly 100 guests, who donated over BGN 80,000 in support of the cause of the foundation, proving that there are no physical limits to charity and generosity.

We express our gratitude to all our corporate and individual donors, institutional partners and supporters who support the activities of our organization.

You can read the full report on our activities, achievements and challenges in 2020 HERE.

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