More than 1,000 Ukrainian children and their families will receive comprehensive care from For Our Children Foundation with the support of International Rescue Committee

January 26 2023

For Our Children foundation started the implementation of the project “Complex care for Ukrainian refugees in Bulgaria”, with the support and partnership of International Rescue Committee (IRC). The activities of the project will complement the efforts of the organization’s team under the “Mission Ukraine” program established at the beginning of the war.

Within the framework of the two Early Childhood Development Complexes in the cities of Sofia and Plovdiv, humanitarian assistance and social support will be provided to more than 1,000 children and their families, including unaccompanied children, located in the territory of the country.

The Foundation aims to continue to organize sheltered spaces for group and individual activities, and within the framework of the project, by the end of June 2023, 400 children will participate in various socializing activities that take place in its complexes and in outreach spaces of partner organizations.

Another activity that will be implemented within the project will be the provision of humanitarian aid and packages of food and hygiene materials, and these will be individualized to the needs of the people.

In addition, specialised therapeutic services will be provided for the Ukrainian children, such as sessions with a psychologist, speech therapist, music therapy, etc. and self-help groups for their mothers with specialised support from a psychotherapist.

The team of For Our Children Foundation also receives methodological support from the IRC experts, including specific good practices for working in protected spaces for protection and support, first psychological assistance and psychosocial support appropriate to the specific needs, referral to legal assistance and other social services.

Through the partnership with IRC, the Foundation will strengthen the capacity of the Mission Ukraine programme and increase its ability to support children and families fleeing conflict.