PROFI CREDIT rejoined our mission for a happy childhood

Thank you for your consistency and commitment to our efforts.

April 27 2021

For the seventh year in a row, the non-bank financial institution stands by us in support of the mission for every child to live and develop in a family. Despite the difficult year and the consequences of the COVID pandemic, we are happy to have long-term partners and supporters in the face of PROFI CREDIT, who understand the importance of early childhood and how valuable it is now to be with children and families in greatest need. from support.

Every year, nearly 1,000 Bulgarian children are abandoned, and their fate often remains unclear for a long time. We know that there is no better place for a child to live than a safe home, which can be provided by well-prepared, trained and supported foster families so that the doors of social institutions where children do not receive the necessary care can be closed. and love. Foster care is the alternative that ensures that every child separated from his or her family will receive the best for their development.

With the amount of BGN 3,000, donated by PROFI CREDIT, we will give security to the foster families we support and a happy childhood to more children who will be accommodated in them.

We currently support 25 foster families caring for 35 children.

PROFI CREDIT have been our partner since 2015 and since then they have been supporting our mission in various ways. Our company not only supports us financially, but is also an ambassador of our cause and with the help of its employees, who join forces in various campaigns organized by the foundation. They attract partners and clients and do not stop looking for new supporters who believe that children deserve an equal chance and opportunity to develop their full potential.

Together with partners like you, we have the resilience and strength to work tirelessly for an equal start for every child in Bulgaria.

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