Support the “For Our Children Foundation” through Postbank Business Run 2021

The biggest team building in Bulgaria - Postbank Business Run, will be held this year on June 6 (Sunday) from 10:00 am on the territory of Business Park Sofia!

April 26 2021

For eight years now, the Postbank Business Run has been drawing people’s attention to a healthy, active lifestyle, encouraging their desire to win through teamwork and cooperation in the name of a noble cause. With each edition, the popularity of the relay race, organized by the SP “Runner”, grows, and the event attracts more and more people.

Last year, 800 participants from 70 companies took part in the relay and contributed to the development of our family support and abandonment prevention program, which helps hundreds of children stay in their families and gives support and confidence to parents to cope with difficult difficulties. situations.

30% of the fees for participation in the Postbank Business Run are traditionally directed to charitable causes. The relay race will again support the cause of the “For Our Children” Foundation – Children’s House, where we take care of the growth and development of six children up to 7 years without parental support. In addition, a donation from the event will be received by the Waterway Foundation.

If you want to have fun and play sports with colleagues and friends and at the same time support us in caring for the children in our Children’s House, to give them family comfort, love and a chance for development, you still have time to sign up for the event.  The late registration lasts until May 16, and the ultra late one is until June 1.


In recent months, as we appreciate the power of being together, Postbank Business Run is an opportunity to unite your team and infuse its energy into both relay and doing good!

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