The management of Generali Insurance impressed by the achievements of the “For Our Children” Foundation

Generali Insurance is one of our longest-standing corporate donors

June 17 2021

The Chairman of the Management Board and Chief Executive Officer of Generali Zastrahovane AD Mr. Nikolay Stanchev, together with Ms. Janeta Djambazka, Chief Financial Officer and Mr. Yuri Kopach, Executive Director Retail Network and Sales of the company visited our Early Childhood Complex development in Sofia to get acquainted with the support that the foundation provides to young children and their families. They were impressed by the achievements of the foundation, the quality of services and the specialized rooms for working with children.

Generali Insurance is one of the foundation’s longest-running corporate donors.

“I am extremely impressed by the level and quality of work of the foundation. Here, in the Complex for Early Childhood Development, we managed to touch, albeit briefly, on the daily efforts of specialists to help children at an early age and with developmental difficulties to overcome the challenges they face. We will continue to support them because we believe that only with joint efforts can we achieve sustainable change in our society, starting with children, “said Mr. Nikolay Stanchev.

“I thank Generali for the trust in our organization and for the opportunity to unleash our potential so that we can reach more children and families who need our support. Through our joint project we managed not only to expand our scope directly to children and parents, but also to support nearly 200 professionals from the social, health and educational system to turn them into trusted and supportive partners of parents, “added Dr. Ivanka Шалапатова.

Generali Insurance has been supporting the For Our Children Foundation and our Children’s Home, which provides temporary care for children deprived of parental care, since 2013. In the following years, the company expanded its contribution to the causes of the foundation by implementing marketing campaigns with a cause, involving its employees as volunteers and regular donors, participating in our traditional fundraising event Evening of Virtues and the Christmas campaign.

At the end of 2019, at the invitation of Generali Insurance, the For Our Children Foundation joined the family of The Human Safety Net – the global initiative of the insurance group, which aims to create a network of people and like-minded people to support the most vulnerable. – newborns, children and families at risk, refugees. In Bulgaria, the initiative supports the activities of the foundation for the development and improvement of the quality of services for early childhood development and reaching more needy children and families who can be supported to realize their potential and have a chance for a better life.

Since the beginning of our joint efforts with The Human Safety Net and Generali Insurance, we have managed to support 1332 children and 1830 parents through our centers in Sofia and Plovdiv.

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