We are expanding our support for children with developmental disabilities with complementary and alternative communication

Everyone has the potential to communicate, regardless of the challenges

June 07 2021

Children with motor, communication and cognitive impairments are children like everyone else. They have the right to live, study, play and have fun with other children. In order to develop fully, they need to be included in all spheres of life. But often, their real lives are different…

We at the Foundation “For Our Children” approach with professionalism, respect and understanding in working with children with special needs and their families. For us, everyone has the potential to communicate, regardless of the challenges. Therefore, we are expanding our support to children with developmental difficulties or diagnosed with cerebral palsy, autism, intellectual disabilities, muscular dystrophies, Rett syndrome, hearing disorders and more. They all need the means of complementary and alternative communication to lead a normal life. Modern means of complementary and alternative communication, combined with access to a tablet or computer, provide great opportunities for communication for all.

We bought a sight tracking device and the basic software for it. This technology contributes to changing the quality of life of children who, due to movement difficulties, cannot perform fine movements with their hands, and in most cases cannot speak. A special camera monitors the view in real time and is used to control the computer mouse. With the help of specialized software you can also communicate through synthesized speech. In this way children learn new words, through speech opportunities the speech dynamics are strengthened, their knowledge is enriched, they have the opportunity to express thoughts, feelings and desires, to communicate fully, to use the Internet, to achieve independence.

Communication is not just speech! It is a process of giving and receiving information that can be achieved in many different ways. These devices help children with significant motor and communication challenges to communicate more effectively – the child can call his beloved grandmother, who lives in another city, to indicate what food he wants, to answer a question from the teacher, to use the expression of the person to show that he is bored, to play educational games and to study.

Communicating, one feels part of the whole world. Part of his present and future. Through specialized devices for complementary and alternative communication, children with developmental difficulties will be in harmony with the reality around us and will feel full and independent individuals.

The expansion of its support for children with disabilities with complementary and alternative communication became possible thanks to the program “Crisis as an Opportunity” of Sofia Municipality, administered by the Sofia Development Association, with a grant of BGN 15,048 under the project “New technologies in support of social work with children and families ”, with which we further develop and strengthen the provision of social services in a digital (online) environment.

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