Disseminate Articles from Early Childhood Matters


Dissemination of three article from Early Childhood Matters 2020 


  • Translation of articles 
  • Development of promotional materials 
  • Informational campaign through traditional media and social media 
  • Three workshops, each one having one of the articles as its thematic focus 


Expected Results 

  • translated articles 
  • 3 short videos promoting the articles, 
  • Disseminating the articles and materials among local stakeholders 
  • Gathering feedback on the articles during the workshops 
  • 3 webinars, presenting the articles and their relevance to the local context with the participation of their authors. 


Location: Sofia 

Duration: October 2021 – March 2021 

Funding Provided by: Bernard van Leer Foundation  

The project will be carried out by For Our Children Foundation in partnership with the Worldwide Orphans Foundation and Trust for Social Achievement