“Early Care” Project

Field work activities

The aim of the field work is to improve the policies and practices of providing care for children in early childhood in the covered health and social facilities in the city of Sofia and Plovdiv. By piloting innovative models and a family-oriented approach to early childhood care, the goal is to increase the resources and capacity of the facilities to provide quality care. The activities are tailored to the needs of each site of field work according to its specific profile and prepared on the basis of a preliminary study of the need for improved individual work plan. A mobile multidisciplinary team of specialists in the field of early childhood care (psychologist, early intervention specialist, babysitter, rehabilitator, etc.) has been formed, which supports all sites. Field work also includes activities such as organizing special trainings, information meetings, discussions, etc., in order to increase the capacity of staff to work with children and families, as well as to improve parenting skills, socializing activities with children and disseminating information materials. It is also planned to exchange good practices between the services and to improve the physical environment in the sites for which this is necessary, as well as to review the policies for child protection and their updating in order to affirm and respect the rights of the child.

Research activities

The aim of the study is to examine the impact of health, social and educational systems on the care of children in early childhood (0-7 years) and their security, and the data obtained will support the process of developing an integrated national strategy for early childhood. child development and the processes of reforming the care systems for young children. The research is conducted in partnership with the Child and Space Association and the Institute for Population and Human Studies at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

The study aims to examine the interaction and interconnections between the systems, as well as the extent to which they work together to support early childhood development in early childhood care services (crèches, hospitals, social services, etc.) ). The practical application of the family-oriented approach in state care for children is studied – whether the health, social and educational systems use mechanisms for parental involvement, whether parents feel supported in caring for their children, and what is the place of interaction between systems and parents . Also included is a study of the care of children with special needs and disabilities at an early age, the effectiveness of state measures for the inclusion of these children, as well as the support provided to their parents. The data from the survey will be presented at a national conference with wide participation in May 2017.

Early Childhood Development in Bulgaria – a study of the systems supporting early childhood development, the relationships and interactions between themRecommendations for improving the systems for Early Childhood Development in Bulgaria

Survey of parents’ attitudes towards social, educational and health care for children aged 0 to 7 in Bulgaria

Early childhood development: status, policies, practices, guidelines. Analysis of data on early childhood development in Bulgaria


Advocacy activities

The purpose of the advocacy is to support the process of developing a national integrated policy for early childhood development, which will promote the development of approaches and practices in care, guaranteeing the interest and rights of children from 0 to 7 years. To this end, it is planned to establish an Advisory Expert Council with representatives from a wide range of stakeholders, including responsible institutions, civil society, academia and international experts. The draft strategy will be proposed for public discussion and a wide range of consultations will be held both at expert level and with the general public. Advocacy activities will also include conducting a public campaign to provide public support for the adoption of the strategy at the national level, as well as reactive advocacy for reforms in all areas related to investing in childcare, including children from vulnerable groups.


The project will end at the end of March 2019 with the organization and holding of a national final conference, which will present the overall impact of project activities and the results of field work.


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