New technologies in support of social work with children and families

The main goal of the project is to provide quality and timely social services to children and parents / caregivers who need them, through the establishment of a digital center.

The specific objectives of the project are:

❖ Improving the methods for providing remote a: social services for the whole range of social services for children, including children with disabilities; for virtual trainings for prospective foster parents and prospective adoptive parents; virtual home visits to track and support parents in raising children; demonstrations for parents by a rehabilitator, early childhood intervention specialists, psychologist, speech therapist, family counselor; psychological support and counseling for parents;

❖ Expanding the range of children with developmental difficulties by introducing complementary and alternative communication / SAC /.



The main activities through which we will achieve our goals are: development of technical capabilities for digital provision of training, counseling and support to children and families, direct online work with children and caring for them to overcome the difficulties or difficulties they have.

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We will upgrade our services through the introduction of software for complementary and alternative communication (SAC), as an innovative element in the provision of services for children with disabilities and developmental difficulties, which due to motor difficulties can not perform fine movements with their hands, can not and have difficulty speaking and communicating freely.


Expected results:

As a result of the establishment of a digital center for social services, within 6 months, we aim to achieve 700 consultations (online); 100 virtual home visits; 40 group sessions (online) for approximately 500 users, including foster care groups for prospective parents and prospective adoptive parents; providing training. The support to the users and the dissemination of correct information will be realized through the development of new digital content – 8 educational short videos (for children and adults).

We expect to expand the support through the SAC, initially to 5 children who, due to movement difficulties, cannot perform fine movements with their hands, cannot and have difficulty speaking and communicating freely.

Where it is performed: Sofia, services Center for Public Support “St. Sofia “, Center for Public Support” Happy Childhood “, Center for Children and / or Youth with Disabilities” Development “, Center for Foster Care, at the Foundation” For Our Children ”

Financing country: Crisis as an Opportunity Program at Sofia Municipality through BGN 15,048 financial grant administered by the Sofia Development Association

Deadline: 01.12.2020 – 31.05.2021

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