Project On the way to a better future

For Our Children Foundation with the financial support of the International Women’s Club implements a program of activities for development and social inclusion of children at an early age, separated from their families and receiving alternative care in our orphanage – CNST “Childhood”. The activities are part of the project “Towards a better future”, which aims to actively support early childhood development, through the direct participation of children in initiatives that stimulate the development of their potential and social integration for the period of temporary care, until the degree to which the full potential of each child develops.


The innovative project model is based on activities in two directions:

❖ Activities to support the development of an individual program, by assessing the development of each child and inclusion in a program for learning and development;

❖ Activities for social inclusion, through participation in outsourced activities in the community – theater and music programs, children’s parties, entertainment events, excursions, picnics, visits to city sites and more.

Expected results

The inclusion of children in developmental and socializing activities will improve the cognitive, psycho-emotional and social development of children, their better adaptation in the family environment of foster parents or adoptive parents, as well as their social inclusion. At the same time, the overall model of care in our “Children’s House” will be further developed to ensure even better conditions for the full development of children, until a permanent solution is found for them – return to the family or the family of relatives, and in case of impossibility for this adoptive or foster family.


Where it is performed: the city of Sofia

Funding country: International Women’s Club

Deadline: June 2019 – January 2020

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