To give way to early childhood development services in Bulgaria

The program is part of the global initiative of The Human Safety Net (THSN), created by Generali Group , and in Bulgaria it is realized with the active involvement of Generali Zastrahovane AD – long-term corporate donor of “For Our Children”.

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The For Our Children Foundation is part of the THSN global movement, which brings together 46 partners from 21 countries around the world who work for a common goal – to develop human potential by inspiring people to help others. Support for families and creating equal development opportunities for all children are the main mechanisms for achieving this goal.

The Human Safety Net brings together the strengths of non-profit organizations and the private sector, aiming to unlock the potential of the most vulnerable groups in our society. The initiative has a social impact through a shared methodology for implementing programs and a common framework for measuring results. As part of its broader sustainability goals, Generali aims to increase the impact of this movement of people helping people by mobilizing the skills and resources of the company’s employees, agents and customers.

The program in Bulgaria, which is implemented by the For Our Children Foundation, includes 18 social services for children and parents, which we provide at the Centers for Public Support in Sofia and Plovdiv and at the Center for Foster Care in Sofia. We have the opportunity to provide eight of these services for the first time, proving that social innovation is the key to better efficiency in early childhood care.

Our goal is to provide direct support to 2,600 parents and 1,412 children by the end of 2021, with an additional 1,470 children to benefit indirectly from social services through the support of their parents. During this period, we will train 400 professionals outside the organization to increase their capacity to support early childhood development.

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With the leadership of our partners from Generali Insurance we will create a corporate network for investments in early childhood development and will stimulate corporate social responsibility in support of children and families. We will facilitate the exchange of good practices between business organizations and NGOs through a laboratory for CSR practices and a regional conference on this topic.

The support of our partners from THSN and Generali Insurance AD ​​gives us the opportunity to develop the capacity of our organization by improving the systems for monitoring and evaluation of the results and public impact of our work. The investment in our organization will increase the quality of services us because it gives us the opportunity for additional training of our specialists working with children and families and for shared learning with leading specialists and organizations around the world.

Follow the initiative on the Facebook page of The Human Safety Net Bulgaria .

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Welcome to our charity tennis tournament, part of the global initiative THSN Challenge 2021 on June 5 and 6 Тennis Club 1882. The participation fee is BGN 40 and will be a donation for the program for development of early childhood development services, which we support in Bulgaria.

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