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The fight for Katya’s happiness

This story is not about an abandoned child. It's not for a sick child. But it is no less touching. This is the story of Katya - a sensitive girl who at a young age meets face to face with an indescribable tragedy and just falls silent. She stops. She vanishes. прочети повече

От Диляна Манева
15.08.2021 г.

With our support, little Andrei will once again enjoy his father’s care

happy story from Plovdiv прочети повече

От Фондация "За Нашите Деца"
17.06.2021 г.

The Miracle Thumbelina

She is the little miracle of smiling young parents прочети повече

От Фондация "За Нашите Деца"
21.05.2021 г.

Maggie’s story and the new glasses

Little Maggie, who has been using our services for early childhood development for half a year, is already a toddler who builds towers of cubes and is getting to know the world with increasing interest. прочети повече

От Симеон Петров
14.05.2021 г.
Щастливи истории

Тук ще намерите щастливите истории, на тези, на които помогнахме.