Krisi hugged her mom and dad

July 20 2020

Today our youngest star – Krisi – left our house! She came to us only two months old and was so tiny that I touched her like a fragile porcelain doll. At the same time, I was excited and afraid for her, whether she was healthy, whether she was well, whether she felt comfortable, loved and cared for.

But she was a fighter, and she grew stronger and stronger with each passing day. He quickly began to notice us, to recognize us, to smile beautifully, to coo. It wasn’t long before she was our most radiant singer. Krisi became a wonderful little girl with sparkling blue eyes, a charming smile, and a singing voice that always relaxed when she heard a song.

I believed that very soon her parents would enter the Childrens’ House and that is exactly what happened. They crossed the threshold, took her in their arms, and at that moment I physically felt the spark between this radiant child and her new mother and father. Each time I saw the eyes of these people glisten with moisture and the excitement with which they took her in their arms. This happiness and the power of emotion cannot be described simply in words, they are experienced deeply.

Just as deeply wonderful was today’s farewell to Krisi, who left our house with her mom and dad. Traditionally, we gave her new parents a personal memory box prepared by us, which contains her first pacifier, her first milk bottle, her favorite dress and, of course, her favorite toy.

We wished them from the bottom of our hearts that the story they will write together from today will be full of a lot of love and success for Krisi. We all cried with happiness from her and her parents, only she shone with her unforgettable smile and eyes like a summer sky. We believe that she is destined for a lot of happiness, love and wonderful life in her new family.


Emilia Vucheva,

babysitter at the Childrens’ House

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