A story about the strong will of Grandma Plamena

August 07 2020

Baba Plamena is the core that keeps the family together. She is a retiree with too many responsibilities for one person’s shoulders. After another obstacle on the road to be borne, she contacted the For Our Children Foundation. Here is the story the woman shared with us:

“My 22-year-old daughter is a single mother of three and pregnant with a baby girl. She relies entirely on me and my husband to raise and meet their needs. He lost his job during the pandemic, and we are the only working people in the family nest. A few days before the birth of my granddaughter Dalia, the unexpected happened – one of the boys set fire to our house without wanting to, imitating a cartoon dragon. Everything we had prepared for raising the baby and the children burned in the fire. We can’t do it alone, please help. “

We immediately included the family in our family support program to provide the essentials and prevent the risk of abandoning the baby. We provided a stroller, clothes, diapers and other essentials. But most important is working on the balance in their home and building a happy family environment.

We prepared a program and started working with the family with psychological support for Grandma Plamena to strengthen the environment and deal with the difficulties in communicating with her daughter and the emotions of the children. We planned and started working with her daughter Biliana in order to increase her mother’s independence and responsibility, her parental capacity, her understanding of the importance of family planning, so as not to burden the family with more than she can bear financially and mentally, to reduce of her stress, which also affects children. We also work to increase her motivation to find and start a job.

Gradually we build on the parenting skills of the mother and grandmother so that the children can grow up in a harmonious home and a peaceful family. We also drew attention to the importance of a relationship with their father, whom the grandmother does not approve of, in order to create a relationship between him and his children.

Sometimes people think that they only need material resources, but often emotional support is what helps them to be stronger and more united. As a result of our joint efforts and the meetings that continue, today the pillar of the family Baba Plamena is more confident and calm for her family and motivated to make the change that will bring security, peace and comfort for the children.

Thanks to the foundation’s support in providing for the basic needs of the family, they are succeeding and better coping with the challenges of the crisis and covering some of the accumulated debts.

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