Another child from Galya and Alexey’s foster family hugged their mom and dad

November 19 2020

Another child with a difficult destiny, to whom the foster family Galya and Alexey Angelovi, supported by us, gave their care and love, today embraced their mother and father!

At the beginning of October, two new faces appeared in the life of little Chrissy, a candidate – the adoptive parents. After a short thought, the family gave their positive answer and thus started the adoption procedure. The adjustment between them happened quickly and successfully thanks to the foster family Galina and Alexey Angelovi, who passed on their positivism and continuity to the prospective adoptive parents in their communication with the child.

With each passing meeting and at the mention of the words “mom and dad” by the foster parents, Chrissy felt great excitement, joy, her face glowed with a wide smile, visibly recognized the candidate – the adoptive parents as his future family.

Each of Chrissy’s future parents also recognized their own character traits, as well as external ones, preferences for certain things and behaviors such as those of the child.

And a month after the first meeting between little Chrissy and the prospective adoptive parents, the happiest moment in a child’s life came – to be in the arms of people whose family will become the main element of joy, care, tenderness and a lot of love.

Chrissy walked calmly and happily to her new home, where a new page in the tale of her life would begin.

How Galya and Alexey managed to erase the traces of abandonment and what Chrissy achieved with their love and warmth while waiting for her mom and dad can be read here.

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