Another child grows up healthy and loved by mom and dad

Iveta got the chance to stay at home and develop with the love and care of her parents.

April 23 2021

Naiden and Violeta at first glance are two of the many in Bulgaria, abandoned by their parents and raised in an institution, without a chance to touch their mother’s caress, to live in a family environment that supports them.

What is the difference between Violeta, Naiden and the statistics of abandoned children in Bulgaria? The difference is that they are the parents of the beautiful Iveta, who grows up in their family, surrounded by a lot of love. The two take care of each other, support each other, love each other strongly and together decide to have a child. They have a clear and well-drawn plan and at first glance nothing can confuse it. But fate has other plans…

Violeta gave birth to a healthy baby Iveta – 3,450 kg and 48 cm. In the beginning everything went well, but just a month old, the baby was admitted to the Children’s Clinic with vomiting and weight loss – a sign of malnutrition. The hospital staff sent a signal to the Department for Child Protection – Plovdiv, and from there they turned for support of the family to our CPS “For children and parents”.

The case was taken over by social worker Margarita Cherneva, who started a difficult battle to save the family so that Iveta had a chance to stay at home and develop with the love and care of mom and dad.

“I worked hard with the mother while the child was in the hospital – together we drew a scheme for feeding the child, I taught her how to recognize his needs, how to gently hug the child. Numerous telephone conversations with the Child Protection Department, meetings with the management of the home in Bratsigovo, where Violeta was raised, and visits to the hospital led to decisions in the best interests of the child – he stayed with his parents and we committed to support them in their efforts. to take full care of him. I focused my efforts on supporting and building parental capacity in both of them, and thanks to the support of donors, we provided diapers and formula for the child. “

Today, Iveta grows up a healthy, smiling and loved by mom and dad girl, whose parents with our support are an example that growing up in an institution is not a stigma and a stigma, but a challenge to believe and prove that you can break the status quo and be loved and loving.

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