Bogdan – an unexpected gift and true happiness

November 13 2020

Today we will tell you the story of Denny and Daniel. The couple had three children – Tanya, Karina and Simeon, and was preparing for the upcoming start of the first grade of the eldest – Tanya. The family’s financial situation was difficult and they decided not to pay for Denny’s health insurance for a while so that they could get everything they needed for their children. Everything went according to plan, until one day the mother suspected that she might be pregnant.

Despite the lack of insurance, she decided to visit a gynecologist, and during the examination she learned that she was really expecting a child – she was in the fifth month and together with Daniel they had only four months to prepare themselves and their older children to meet. the baby. The shock was great, but everyone was looking forward to the arrival of the newest member of the family. To improve their financial situation, the father decided to take the opportunity to go on a business trip to Pleven.

The mother often began to experience insomnia, which worried her, but due to the epidemiological situation in the country, the gynecologist? he advised her not to take any risks and to do only one more examination in the seventh month. Everything looked good on him. Only a few days later, at the beginning of the eighth month, Denny gave birth to a little boy in an emergency, who was immediately taken to the neonatology department and placed in an incubator. Due to the unexpected situation, the father was still on a business trip and the children’s grandmother went to their home to take care of the little ones. So the mother was left alone in the ward. It’s only been two and a half months since the couple learned of the pregnancy. Loneliness and worries about the baby affected the emotions and greatly worried the mother. The stressful situation led to a quarrel between her and one of the nurses. Did Denny know that the newborn? son has to stay in neonatology for a long time, so she decided to go home to her other children, leaving her partner’s phone number to contact her.

A few days later, doctors were unable to contact the family. We at the For Our Children Foundation are working with the hospital to prevent child abandonment, so we were asked to find the mother and find out what was going on. The situation was urgent because the child’s birth certificate had to be issued the same day, and the parents had not yet baptized him.

The case was taken over by our specialist Vyara Panayotova. She visited the family’s address and met the grandmother who was caring for the older children. From their meeting it became clear that Denny was not feeling well and went for an examination at a nearby clinic. After Vera explained to them why it was important to go to the maternity ward and give the baby a name as soon as possible, it turned out that the family members were waiting for Daniel to return from his business trip and baptize the baby together. Neither the mother nor the mother had realized that there was a short deadline for this, and it expired the same day. Immediately after Denny’s examination, the foundation’s expert accompanied her to the maternity ward with her mother and children. On the way there, the couple talked on the phone and together decided to name the new member of their family Bogdan – as a symbol that he was given to them and that they could soon take him home.

The maternity ward team was extremely happy to have a relationship with the parents. However, due to the epidemiological situation, outsiders were denied access to neonatology and the hospital promised to provide information to the couple by phone.

Thus, the foundation managed to connect the mother with the doctor, who informed her about the child’s condition, and two weeks later, when Bogdan no longer needed to be in an incubator, the parents were allowed to see him and hug him for the first time.

Soon after, the boy was old enough to go home to his older siblings. We from “For our children” provided the family with material and necessities for the newborn – a bathtub, baby cosmetics, formula and disposable diapers.

Our experts continued their contact with Deni after Bogdan’s discharge to make sure that despite their initial separation, everything is fine and they are calm.

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