Elitsa left the Children’s Home to embrace her new parents

July 27 2020

Ah, what a day!

Four cars full of excited people stand at the door of our Childrens’ House, and in front are two young people, trembling with emotion, smiling, shining – like at a wedding.

And in a sense, the day is just that for them – the beginning of a real, full-fledged family – mom, dad and their Elitsa.

She had been waiting for them since morning, and as soon as she heard the doorbell, she exclaimed, “Daddy! Daddy!” Mom! ”

This same Elitsa, who we received in the house only 3 months old, with many diseases and allergies, with difficulty eating, low bone density and sad almost constant crying, is now a star.

Difficulties and problems have long been forgotten. She never stops talking, singing, laughing and constantly watching us for her next childish whim to straighten our hair and at the same time burst out laughing at her ingenuity, energy, observation and natural childish curiosity.

Her beautiful parents dress her in a shiny dress, and she exclaims enthusiastically, “Aww!” The girls show her the presents prepared for her, along with the traditional souvenir box, and she laughs and reaches for “Give, give!” Ready and disguised, she can’t wait anymore, pulls Daddy by the arm and says, “Come on!”

Ah, this Elitsa! As a true star, she filled our hearts and as such came out of our house to fly high, high, endured by the love of her new parents and their large and heartfelt family.


A jug of water, a warm hug from Daddy, tears in my eyes, applause from her new relatives, balloon cars, joyful horns, and happy shouts “Thank you! Be alive and healthy! ”

And we thank you, young hearts, for the universe of happiness and love that you gave to our little star – Elitsa!

Rosa Petrova



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