How a foster parent rewrote 6 children’s stories…

May 14 2021

Another 3-month-old doll will no longer sleep alone in the cramped hospital bed, but will enjoy the love and care of a family. Little Elena found her home in the family of Daniela Velikova, who has devoted herself to her mission to be a foster parent of the most defenseless creatures – newborns and children up to 3 years old. She decided to dedicate her time and life to children left without parents 4 years ago and since then she has given a chance for a new beginning to 6 girls, 4 of whom already have a family, and 1 has lived again with her native family. Today they dream, play, know how to draw a happy family . They know what love is.

For Elena, Daniela says she is a little star, shining and tender . “Her eyes light up every time I hug her. That’s why I call her my star, “she said.

Foster care is a vocation for Daniela. She writes poetry, but her truly influential works are written in invisible ink – with it she rewrote the story of Maria, Kalina, Radi and Lina, Nevena, and now Elena. Their smiles are her muse, and their support is her parents and daughter, who also carry the charge with which Daniela changes children’s destinies. And the prince in this female kingdom is Daniela’s grandson, who is only part of the collection of beautiful jewelry, among other foster children. She devotes all her attention and care to them so that they can grow up happy, loved and have a precious childhood.

“Although I experience separation from children extremely hard every time, I know that we and our feelings are not important. They are important. It is important that children receive the care they deserve and the love that will give them wings, ”says Daniela.

Only in the first 2 weeks of March, the team from the Foster Care Center of the For Our Children Foundation gave a chance to a family of 4 babies, who settled in loving foster families. They will never feel the isolation and loneliness of the institution, but will be loved and protected by their foster parents, expecting their permanent family.

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