Little Kalin and the Uzunovi family

January 28 2021

A foster family gave warmth and care to an abandoned young boy.

Only a month after they sent Dinko to his adoptive parents, the child they helped to overcome the deficits from their lagging behind, the Uzunovi family welcomed Kalin at their home – a charming little boy of a year and a half, abandoned by his mother.

Hours after his mother took him to the Child Protection Department and declared his inability to take care of him at the moment, they opened the doors of their home, hugged and gave security to the child.

At the end of the day, we received information that urgent accommodation was needed in a foster family supported by us. We reacted immediately because the most important thing for us is that no child or one day lives without a family.

Juliana Uzunova has experience with children deprived of parental care, and Kalin is the fifth child to whom she and her husband will give security, warmth and love until a permanent solution is found for him.

We believe that with our help and with the support, energy, professionalism and big heart of the foster mother Juliana Uzunova, Kalin will grow up in a safe family environment as long as necessary.

And we wish them health, successful adaptation and carefree days!

Last year, 7 of the children cared for by the foundation’s 23 foster families found their new real family and are now growing up surrounded by the love and warmth of mom and dad.

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