Little Maya in the arms of Lily Marinova

February 12 2021

The doors of the home of foster parent Lili Marinova reopened for a child in need. Starting her life from an accommodation center, 3-month-old Maya is now in the warm embrace of her foster mother, from whom she will receive everything she needs – love, care and attention.

Lily Marinova is a foster mother who has proven to be a wonderful parent in caring for children at risk.

For her, meeting the needs of children from 0-3 years of age is a real vocation and profession. 11 children have already passed through her home, who in the most difficult moment of their lives had the opportunity to get into her cozy home, to be loved and at the same time smoothly and carefully prepared for the upcoming change in their lives – to return to their home. native family or adoption.

We, from the For Our Children Foundation, are happy that for 9 years now we have had the opportunity to work and support Lily in her endeavor, namely: providing a home and happiness for every child in need!

If you want to help the children in need of a temporary home, do not hesitate and apply here: https://detebg.org/adopt-child/